Network Analyst solver access

Available with Network Analyst license.

The sections below provide information on how you can use the Network Analyst solvers to complete your network analysis tasks.

Interactively solve network analysis problems

You can create network analysis layers using a local network dataset or logistic services hosted in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. Once you create them, you can configure properties on these layers and run analyses.

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Automate network analysis problems with Python

You can perform network analysis in Python using the Network Analyst module, arcpy.nax. This module provides access to six analysis types. For each analysis (also known as a solver), you work with two objects specific to that analysis: an object that allows you to initialize the analysis, set analysis settings, load the inputs, and run the analysis, and another object that allows you to work with the analysis results after you run the analysis.

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Use routing services

Routing services allow you to solve the same types of problems the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension allows you to solve. When using routing services, there are two sources from which to choose: routing services available with ArcGIS Online or running these services on-premises using ArcGIS Enterprise.

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