Upgrade the ST_Geometry type in a PostgreSQL database

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

The ST_Geometry library contains new functionality or fixes at each ArcGIS release. You can upgrade the ST_Geometry type in your PostgreSQL database using the Create Spatial Type geoprocessing tool or the CreateSpatialType ArcPy function.


The st_geometry.dll requires the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x64) when deployed on a Microsoft Windows server. See PostgreSQL database requirements for the package version required. If this package is not present on the PostgreSQL server, download it from the Microsoft site and install it.

  1. Grant superuser authority to the sde login role in the database cluster if the login does not already have it.
  2. Download a new version of the st_geometry library from My Esri.
  3. Make a backup copy of or rename the existing st_geometry library on the PostgreSQL server.
  4. Place the new library in the PostgreSQL lib directory.
    • If PostgreSQL is installed on a Linux server, log in to the server as the root user and place the st_geometry.so file in the /usr/lib64/pgsql directory.
    • If PostgreSQL is installed on a Windows server, place the st_geometry.dll file in the %PostgreSQL%\lib directory.
  5. Open a project in ArcGIS Pro, open the Catalog pane, and connect to the database as the sde user.

    This creates an .sde file in your project folder.

  6. To update the ST_Geometry type, subtypes, and functions in the database, run the Create Spatial Type geoprocessing tool or a Python script that uses the CreateSpatialType function. Use the .sde file you created in the last step for the database connection.