Types of locators

There are several locators you can use in ArcGIS Pro. Some examples of scenarios in which you might use a locator: you need to geocode a set of addresses once a month for a monthly report; you need to convert a table of client locations that contains sensitive information into a collection of points behind your organization's firewall; or you need to identify what is near the water pump stations throughout the county using your organization's authoritative reference data.

Available locators

The locators described below can be used across the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS World Geocoding Service

The ArcGIS World Geocoding Service includes support for a wide variety of content, has the latest features, and is up to date and ready to use. You can use it in ArcGIS Pro when you're signed in to your organization's portal, and it has been enabled for use. When using the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service, your addresses are sent to Esri’s cloud-hosted World Geocoding Service for geocoding. Considerations should be made for an on-premises product if there are privacy or security requirements that require an on-premises solution, or if a transaction-based business model won’t work for your organization.

ArcGIS World Geocoder

Organizations that have a global geocoding requirement and have privacy or security requirements that require an on-premises solution or a need for high-volume geocoding globally can use ArcGIS World Geocoder. This is the on-premises version of the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service and can be licensed and hosted behind a firewall. See ArcGIS World Geocoding Service overview for more information.

ArcGIS StreetMap Premium

Organizations that have privacy or security requirements, such as health care organizations, that require an on-premises solution or a need for high-volume geocoding in specific regions or countries can use ArcGIS StreetMap Premium. ArcGIS StreetMap Premium can be licensed for ArcGIS Enterprise or for ArcGIS Desktop single or concurrent use. See ArcGIS StreetMap Premium overview for more information.

Build your own

Organizations that collect and manage their own asset and address data that they need to search can build their own locator. There is flexibility in this option to set up geocoding in a way that individuals in an organization can search their data and know they can rely on any of the locators mentioned above if necessary.


All locators shared as utility services on your portal will be added to every project you create automatically. All locators stored locally on disk (including ArcGIS World Geocoder, ArcGIS StreetMap Premium, and locators your create) can be added to an ArcGIS Pro project in the same ways. You can right-click the Locators folder in the Catalog pane, and click Add Locator. A dialog box appears, and you can browse to the location of your locator on disk to add it to the project. You can also drag and drop locators from a folder connection, server connection, or from the Portal tab of the Catalog pane into your project. Additionally, you can right-click a locator in a folder connection, server connection, or the Portal tab of the Catalog pane to add it to your project. Once added, it functions in the same way as a service that has been added automatically.

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