OGC service layers

You can use many Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services that are available on the web in ArcGIS Pro. For example, you can use Web Map Service (WMS), Web Map Tile Service (WMTS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), and Web Feature Service (WFS) services as map layers.

OGC WFS, WMS, and WMTS services secured with either web-tier or token-based authentication are supported.

Major OGC interfaces supported by ArcGIS

Service type Description

OGC Web Map Service (WMS)

A WMS delivers georeferenced map images. A WMS service may also contain a Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) to specify how the WMS layer is to be symbolized and portrayed.

OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

A WMTS delivers pregenerated georeferenced map images. A WMTS service may contain one or more styles, dimensions, or tiling schemes to specify how the WMTS layer is to be displayed.

OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS)

A WCS delivers raster data and cell values, such as elevation values from a digital elevation model (DEM) or pixel values from a multiband image.

OGC Web Feature Service (WFS)

A WFS serves, queries, and updates feature geometry and attributes using a Geography Markup Language (GML) profile.

OGC interfaces supported by ArcGIS

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