Hide columns in a table

Each field, or column, in an attribute table has properties that describe its contents and how the data in it should be displayed. Set the field visibility on columns in a table to save space by hiding those you don't readily need.

In an open table, press the Ctrl key while double-clicking the field name of the column header to hide a single field. You can also turn off field visibility by right-clicking the column header and clicking Hide Field Hide Field. Optionally, press Shift while selecting multiple fields to hide multiple columns at once.

Field visibility for a layer can additionally be managed from the fields view of a field.

Once you hide a column in a table opened from a map or scene, it's no longer visible on other dialog boxes, such as the Pop-up window when you identify a feature, and the Attributes pane for the selected features you want to edit.

To show all fields again without opening the fields view, click the menu button Menu at the top of the attribute table and click Show All Fields. Any hidden fields become visible in the attribute table and on other dialog boxes.

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