Unsupported drawing in 3D

Certain symbol and geometry combinations are not supported and may result in unexpected drawing when some symbol properties must be ignored. This most typically occurs in 3D layers in scene views. Some common situations include the following:

  • Multipatches drawn with any polygon symbol other than one that contains only a solid color fill symbol layer
  • Gradient or hatch fills in 3D
  • Gradient strokes in 3D
  • Marker symbol layers with a halo in 3D

The following limitations exist with symbols in 3D:

  • Polygon outlines draw 1 pixel wide if they are a strip with no symbol effect, or if they are extruded with no symbol effect, regardless of strip, wall, or tube symbol profile.
  • Caps and joins always draw as type butt on a strip, regardless of setting. This means you cannot achieve the appearance of a dotted strip using very small dashes with round caps. Use round markers placed along the line to achieve a dotted appearance instead.
  • Symbol effect and marker placement properties are calculated in meters in 3D. A conversion of 1 point = 25 meters is applied when the layer is in page units.
  • You may encounter memory limitations if you create symbols with excessive dashes or markers along lines.
  • A procedural symbol layer will not draw if the rule package it references cannot be found in the project directory. Click the Rule button in the procedural symbol layer in the Symbology pane to choose a valid rule package to reference.

The following symbol effect or marker placement parameters are not available in 3D:

  • Options for Donut and Offset effect
  • Clipping options for polygon marker placements

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