Work with ArcGIS Pro notifications

As you work on a project, you may receive notifications about ArcGIS Pro, your project, or items you are using in your project. When the Notifications button Notifications at the top of the application window has a blue dot, a notification is available.

Notifications button and a notification in the Notifications pane

Notifications fall into two categories: those regarding the ArcGIS Pro application, and those regarding your project and the items it contains. Notifications can include the following types of messages:

  • An update is available for ArcGIS Pro.
  • Your license for ArcGIS Pro will expire soon.
  • A new version of your project is available from the active portal.
  • A new version of your map is available from the active portal.

Act on a notification

Follow these steps to act on a notification:

  1. Click Notifications Notifications at the top of the application window.

    The Notifications pane appears.


    You can also press Alt+W to open the pane.

  2. Hover over a notification.

    An action, such as View Results or Update Map, appears on the notification. If additional actions are available, a Show More button Show More appears.

  3. Click the action to carry it out. Alternatively, click Show More Show More and select a different action from the drop-down list that appears.

Dismiss a notification

You can dismiss a notification or all notifications if you don't want to take action immediately. Dismissed notifications reappear the next time you start ArcGIS Pro, open the project, open the map, and so on. Optionally, you can disable notifications temporarily.

  1. Click Notifications Notifications to open the Notifications pane.
  2. Hover over a notification.
  3. Click Close Close to close the notification.
  4. Click Menu Menu at the top of the Notifications pane to display additional options for managing notifications.
    • Click Dismiss All to close all notifications.
    • Under Disable notifications, click 1 hour, 2 hours, or Current session to disable notifications for the specified period. When the period is over, notifications will appear again when they occur.
    • Click Allow notifications to enable notifications before the disable time period has expired.

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