Analyze your GIS resource

Before you share a map, layer, package, or other resource to the web, you should analyze it for problems such as the following:

  • Analyzer errors Error prevent the resource from being shared. They must be fixed.
  • Analyzer warnings Warning may affect performance, appearance, or usability, but do not prevent the resource from being shared. Fixing warnings is optional.

When you click Analyze Analyze in a packaging or sharing pane, a Messages tab appears at the top of the pane and displays errors and warnings.

Analyzer error message in the Share As Web Map pane
The map cannot be shared because it contains a service layer (typically a basemap) in a different projection than the map’s projection.

When you click a message, the message is selected and a box at the bottom of the pane gives additional information:



The message type: either an error or a warning.


The unique identifier of the message.


The impact on the sharing process or resource performance.


An indicator of whether the problem has been resolved.


The name of the layer or map associated with the message.


A short description of the message.

To resolve an analyzer error or warning, hover over the message and click the Options button Options that appears. (Alternatively, right-click the message.) A context menu provides a link to a help topic that describes the problem and lists available solutions. The context menu also includes commands that address the problem directly. These commands are useful if you are familiar with the problem. A bold-faced command represents the recommended or typical solution. If no single solution is recommended, the help link is bold-faced instead.

Analyzer message context menu
In this example, clicking the bold-faced command resolves the problem immediately. In other cases, the command may open a dialog box or pane where you take further action.

If you double-click an analyzer message without opening the context menu, the bold-faced action is executed automatically.


If you share the resource without first analyzing it, the operation succeeds as long as there are no errors. If there are errors, the operation fails and the Messages tab appears.

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