Export to BMP

BMP files are native Windows raster images. BMPs can store pixel data at several bit depths and can be compressed using the lossless RLE method. BMP images are typically much larger than formats such as JPEG or PNG.

To export a BMP file, ensure that a map or layout view is active. On the Share tab, click Export Map Export Map or Export Layout Export Layout, depending on the active view, to open the Export pane. Change the File Type to BMP. Set a name and location for the file, and any other properties, and click Export.


Certain options are only available when exporting a map or layout. When exporting a map, you can set the size of the map export. When exporting a layout, you can clip to graphics extent.

The following properties are available when exporting to a BMP file:



The resolution of the export file in dots per inch (dpi). DPI is only available when exporting a layout. When exporting a map, the DPI is calculated automatically. For map exports, increase the Width and Height values to add additional pixels and get a higher resolution output.

Color depth

The number of bits to describe color in a pixel. Choose from the following:

  • 8-bit Adaptive—255 possible colors. This option uses an adaptive palette to maintain recognizable hues.
  • 8-bit Grayscale—256 shades of gray. All colors are converted to grayscale.
  • 24-bit True Color—16,777,216 possible colors. This option is good for maximum color fidelity.

Embed color profile

Include the color profile set for the map or layout in the exported file. This helps create consistency in colors when the file is viewed on different devices. If the profile is not embedded, or a non-color-managed viewer is used, the colors may be significantly different than what is seen on-screen.

This option is only available when color management is enabled. If color management is not enabled and your colorspace is set to CMYK, the CMYK colorspace is still included in the export. This may cause some colors to appear differently when viewing the exported file.

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