Save a style file

You can share symbols and other style items by saving them in a style file (.stylx) that can exist on a file system outside your project or even on ArcGIS Online. When you or another user adds a style file to a project, all of the symbols and other style items contained within it will be available in the galleries. You can view and modify the style from the catalog view.


Style files (.stylx) created using ArcGIS Pro 2.0 cannot be opened by previous versions of ArcGIS Pro.

To save a style to share, you just need to create a style in a project and populate it with symbols or other style items. You choose a file location for the style file when you create it. You can then share this .stylx file the same way you share any other file. Once you've created a style, use the catalog view to copy style items into it or create new ones directly.

To learn more about working with style files and accessing them from ArcGIS Online, see Add styles to a project.

To learn more about working with symbols and style items within styles, see Manage styles.

  1. Open or switch to a catalog view if one is not active.

    On the View tab in the Windows group, click the Catalog drop-down arrow and click Catalog View to open a view.

  2. On the Insert tab in the Style group, click New Style.
  3. Browse to a folder on the local or network computer where the new style will be stored, or accept the default location. Provide a name for the new style file and click Save.

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