An overview of the Network Dataset toolset

The Network Dataset toolset contains tools used to perform network dataset maintenance tasks such as building and dissolving network datasets.


Build Network

Reconstructs the network connectivity and attribute information of a network dataset. The network dataset must be rebuilt after edits are made to the attributes or the features of a participating source feature class. After the source features are edited, the tool establishes the network connectivity only in the areas that have been edited to speed up the build process; however, when the network attributes are edited, the entire extent of the network dataset is rebuilt. This may be a slow operation on a large network dataset.

Create Network Dataset

Creates a network dataset in an existing feature dataset. The network dataset can be used to perform network analysis on the data in the feature dataset.

Create Network Dataset From Template

Creates a new network dataset with the schema contained in the input template file (.xml). All the feature classes and input tables required for creating the network dataset must already exist before this tool is executed.

Create Template From Network Dataset

Creates a file containing the schema of an existing network dataset. This template file can then be used to create a new network dataset with the same schema.

Dissolve Network

Creates a network dataset that minimizes the number of line features required to correctly model the input network dataset. The more efficient output network dataset reduces the time required to solve analyses, draw results, and generate driving directions. This tool outputs a new network dataset and source feature classes; the input network dataset and its source features remain unchanged.

Make Network Dataset Layer

Creates a network dataset layer from a network dataset.

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The features used to create the network dataset must have shared vertices when they intersect other features. This is required by the network dataset to establish proper connectivity between features. This can be achieved by modeling the features in a topology or using the Integrate geoprocessing tool.

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