An overview of the Layout toolset

The Layout toolset regroups tools that allow you to apply various layout algorithms to diagrams.

Each layout tool works from the same required input—a diagram layer.


Apply Angle Directed Layout

Moves a diagram's edges in specified alignment directions.

Apply Compression Layout

Compresses the diagram features toward the middle of the diagram.

Apply Force Directed Layout

Emphasizes loops contained in a network diagram.

Apply Geo Positions Layout

Moves each diagram junction and edge feature so they match the geographical positions of the associated network features.

Apply Grid Layout

Positions diagram junctions relative to a predefined magnetic grid.

Apply Linear Dispatch Layout

Adds space between diagram junctions that are visually too close, overlapping, or coincident.

Apply Main Ring Layout

Arranges the diagram features in a network diagram around a main ring.

Apply Mainline Tree Layout

Arranges diagram junctions and edges hierarchically along a main line.

Apply Partial Overlapping Edges Layout

Spaces out collinear edges or collinear portions of edges (edge segments) inside a given buffer zone.

Apply Radial Tree Layout

Arranges diagram features hierarchically and places them in a radial tree.

Apply Relative Mainline Layout

Arranges the network diagram features in the active diagram along parallel straight lines.

Apply Rotate Tree Layout

Rotates the tree or trees related to pivot junctions currently set up in a diagram to the specified angle.

Apply Smart Tree Layout

Arranges diagram features hierarchically and places them in a smart tree.

Apply Spatial Dispatch Layout

Separates diagram junctions that are visibly close to overlapping.

Apply Template Layouts

Applies the list of layout algorithms currently configured for the diagram template to the input network diagram layer.

Reshape Diagram Edges Layout

Processes simple operations on vertices along edges.

Tools in the Layout toolset

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