An overview of the Hydrology toolset

These tools model the flow of water across a surface.



Fills sinks in a surface raster to remove small imperfections in the data.

Flow Accumulation

Creates a raster of accumulated flow into each cell.

Flow Direction

Calculates the direction of flow from each cell to its downslope neighbor or neighbors using the D8, D-Infinity (DINF), or Multiple Flow Direction (MFD) method.

Flow Distance

Computes, for each cell, the horizontal or vertical component of downslope distance, following the flow paths, to cells on a stream into which they flow. In the case of multiple flow paths, minimum, weighted mean, or maximum flow distance can be computed.

Stream Link

Assigns unique values to sections of a raster linear network between intersections.


Determines the contributing area above a set of cells in a raster.

Tools of the Hydrology toolset

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