An overview of the Legacy Use Proximity toolset

These legacy tools analyze distance and proximity.

The Legacy Use Proximity tools allow you to access the distance and proximity analysis tools available in previous releases of ArcGIS. These tools perform analysis that accounts for either straight-line (Euclidean) or weighted distance. Distance can be weighted by a simple cost (friction) surface, or in ways that account for vertical and horizontal restrictions to movement. To take advantage of available updated functionality, use the tools at the main level of the Use Proximity toolset.


Calculate Distance

Calculates the Euclidean distance from a single source or set of sources.

Calculate Travel Cost

Calculates the least accumulative cost distance from or to the least-cost source, while accounting for surface distance along with horizontal and vertical cost factors.

Cost Path As Polyline

Calculates the least-cost path from a source to a destination as a line feature.

Determine Optimum Travel Cost Network

Calculates the optimum cost network from a set of input regions.

Determine Travel Cost Path As Polyline

Calculates the least-cost polyline path between sources and destinations.

Determine Travel Cost Paths To Destinations

Calculates specific paths between known sources and known destinations.

Tools of the Legacy Use Proximity toolset

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