A complete listing of the Spatial Analyst tools

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

The ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension has over 200 tools in 25 toolsets for performing spatial analysis and modeling.

Spatial Analyst toolsets



ConPickSet Null


Calculate Kernel Density RatioKernel DensityLine DensityPoint Density


CorridorDistance AccumulationDistance AllocationOptimal Path as LineOptimal Path as RasterOptimal Region Connections

Distance (Legacy)

Cost AllocationCost Back LinkCost ConnectivityCost DistanceCost PathCost Path as PolylineEuclidean AllocationEuclidean Back DirectionEuclidean DirectionEuclidean DistancePath DistancePath Distance AllocationPath Distance Back Link


Extract by AttributesExtract by CircleExtract by MaskExtract by PointsExtract by PolygonExtract by RectangleExtract Multi Values to PointsExtract Values to PointsSample


AggregateBoundary CleanExpandMajority FilterNibbleRegion GroupShrinkThin


Darcy FlowDarcy VelocityParticle TrackPorous Puff


BasinDerive Continuous FlowDerive Stream As LineDerive Stream As RasterFillFlow AccumulationFlow DirectionFlow DistanceFlow LengthSinkSnap Pour PointStorage CapacityStream LinkStream OrderStream to FeatureWatershed


IDWKrigingNatural NeighborSplineSpline with BarriersTopo to RasterTopo to Raster by FileTrend


Cell StatisticsCombineEqual to FrequencyGreater Than FrequencyHighest PositionLess Than FrequencyLowest PositionPopularityRank

Map Algebra

Raster Calculator

Math (general)

AbsDivideExpExp10Exp2FloatIntLnLog10Log2MinusModNegatePlusPowerRound DownRound UpSquareSquare RootTimes

Math Bitwise

Bitwise AndBitwise Left ShiftBitwise NotBitwise OrBitwise Right ShiftBitwise XOr

Math Logical

Boolean AndBoolean NotBoolean OrBoolean XOrCombinatorial AndCombinatorial OrCombinatorial XOrDiffEqual ToGreater ThanGreater Than EqualIn ListIs NullLess ThanLess Than EqualNot EqualOverTest

Math Trigonometric


Multidimensional Analysis

Aggregate Multidimensional RasterDimensional Moving StatisticsGenerate Multidimensional Anomaly


Band Collection StatisticsClass ProbabilityCreate SignaturesDendrogramEdit SignaturesIso ClusterIso Cluster Unsupervised ClassificationMaximum Likelihood ClassificationPrincipal Components


Block StatisticsFilterFocal FlowFocal StatisticsLine StatisticsPoint Statistics


Fuzzy MembershipFuzzy OverlayLocate RegionsWeighted OverlayWeighted Sum

Raster Creation

Create Constant RasterCreate Normal RasterCreate Random Raster


LookupReclass by ASCII FileReclass by TableReclassifyRescale by FunctionSlice

Segmentation and Classification

Classify RasterCompute Confusion MatrixCompute Segment AttributesCreate Accuracy Assessment PointsExport Training Data For Deep LearningGenerate Training Samples From Seed PointsInspect Training SamplesLinear Spectral UnmixingRemove Raster Segment Tiling ArtifactsSegment Mean ShiftTrain Iso Cluster ClassifierTrain K-Nearest Neighbor ClassifierTrain Maximum LikelihoodTrain Random Trees ClassifierTrain Support Vector Machine ClassifierUpdate Accuracy Assessment Points

Solar Radiation

Area Solar RadiationPoints Solar RadiationSolar Radiation Graphics


Add Surface InformationAspectContourContour ListContour with BarriersCurvatureCut FillGeodesic ViewshedHillshadeInterpolate ShapeObserver PointsSlopeSurface ParametersViewshedVisibility


Tabulate Area Zonal FillZonal GeometryZonal Geometry as TableZonal HistogramZonal StatisticsZonal Statistics as Table

Spatial Analyst geoprocessing toolsets and tools

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