An overview of the Utility Network toolbox

The Utility Network toolbox contains tools to create, configure, and work with utility networks.

The toolbox also contains the Administration toolset, which includes tools for core utility network management tasks, and the Trace Configuration toolset, which includes tools to create and work with trace configurations stored in the utility network.


Add Trace Locations

Creates a feature class to be used as the starting points and barriers input for the Trace tool.

Export Subnetwork

Exports subnetworks from a utility network into a .json file. This tool also allows you to delete a row in the Subnetworks table as long as the Is deleted attribute is set to true. This indicates that the subnetwork controller has been removed from the subnetwork.

Repair Network Topology

Verifies and repairs inconsistencies identified in the network topology system tables.


Returns network features in a utility network based on connectivity or traversability from the specified starting points.

Update Is Connected

Updates the IsConnected attribute on all the network features for the specified utility network based on connectivity.

Update Subnetwork

Updates subnetwork information in the Subnetworks table, the SubnetLine feature class, and subnetwork system diagrams for the specified subnetworks. Also certain attributes are created or updated for subnetwork features. A record for any new subnetworks will be generated, the records for any deleted subnetworks will be removed, and the shape and information for any modified subnetworks will be updated.

Validate Network Topology

Validates the network topology of a utility network after there have been edits to features in the network.

Verify Network Topology

Verifies the network topology system tables and logs inconsistencies to an output log file.

Tools in the Utility Network toolbox



The Administration toolset provides tools to design and administer utility networks.

Trace Configuration

The Trace Configuration toolset in the Utility Network toolbox contains tools to create and work with named trace configurations in a utility network.

Toolsets in the Utility Network toolbox

At ArcGIS Pro 2.5, tools for managing diagrams and configuring diagram templates are now located in the Network Diagram toolbox.

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