Reexport a data change message

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

If an exported unacknowledged data change message is lost in transit or needs to be resent, you can reexport data changes and send them again. To do this, use the Re-Export Unacknowledged Messages geoprocessing tool.


Reexporting a data change message does not include the most recent edits. It only includes the edits that were sent in the original data change message.

The Re-Export Unacknowledged Messages tool is not available for checkout replicas. For checkout replicas, run the Export Data Change Message tool again to achieve the same result.

To reexport a data change message, complete the following steps:

  1. Access the Re-Export Unacknowledged Messages tool from one of the following:
    • In the Manage Replicas pane, use either the Replica card or Manage Replicas Menu Menu and click the Re-Export Unacknowledged Messages button Re-Export Unacknowledged Message.
    • In the Catalog pane, right-click the geodatabase that contains the data changes to export, point to Distributed Geodatabase, and click Re-Export Unacknowledged Messages Re-Export Unacknowledged Message.

    The Re-Export Unacknowledged Messages tool supports both local and remote geodatabases.

    Accessing the Export Data Change Message tool automatically populates the Export from Replica Geodatabase parameter based on the current workspace.

  2. Specify a name and type for the Output Delta File parameter value to be created.

    This parameter creates an output delta file that can be a file geodatabase (.gdb) or an XML format file (.xml). When specifying the output delta file, you must include the appropriate suffix (.gdb or .xml).

  3. For the Replica parameter, specify the replica from which the unacknowledged messages will be reexported.

    If no replicas with unacknowledged messages exist, the Replica parameter will be empty. Only replicas that have mismatched generation numbers in which the Current Generation number is not the same as the Last Acknowledge Generation number will be listed. For more information about the generation numbers associated with the replica, click the Advanced tab on the Replica Properties dialog box.

  4. For the Export options parameter, choose one of the following options:
    • ALL_UNACKNOWLEDGED—All unacknowledged changes to the delta file are included.
    • MOST_RECENT—Only the most recent unacknowledged changes made since the last exported data change message are included.