Trace network upgrade history

To keep a trace network current with the latest functionality, an upgrade may be necessary. This applies schema changes to the trace network dataset, network feature classes, and other related geodatabase objects. Use the Upgrade Dataset tool to perform the upgrade.

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An upgrade of the trace network dataset is only needed when there are schema changes in the information model. The upgrade process increments the trace network version number. The version of the ArcGIS Pro client and the current trace network version determine whether an upgrade is needed for the trace network dataset. Keep in mind that not every ArcGIS Pro release requires an upgrade of the trace network.

The ArcGIS Pro version you're using determines the trace network version of the trace network dataset that is created. The ArcGIS Pro version also determines whether an upgrade is available for the trace network dataset. The table below lists the ArcGIS Pro release and corresponding Trace Network Version.

ArcGIS Pro releaseTrace Network Version











ArcGIS Pro releases and corresponding Trace Network Version created or upgraded with each release


The version and upgrade history of the trace network can be viewed on the Trace Network tab of the Network Properties dialog box.

Upgrade to Trace Network Version 3

Internal updates were made requiring increment of the Trace Network version to support Network Diagrams and for compatibility with ArcGIS Pro 3.0.

Upgrade to Trace Network Version 2

When upgrading a trace network to Trace Network Version 2, the following changes occur:

  • A new network attribute named Flow direction is assigned to a new field named FLOWDIRECTION to store and display the flow direction of line features that participate in the network.
    • A new coded value domain (<trace network name>_<ID>_FlowDirection) is added to the geodatabase. This supports the setting and display of flow for edge features in the trace network.
  • The TN_<ID>_TRACECONFIGURATIONS table is added to the trace network schema to support the creation, usage, and sharing of named trace configurations.