24084: Elevation of the features must be at an absolute height from the geometries z-value

Publishing 3D object layers (multipatches) is supported for features that are only at absolute elevation height. As a result, if you intend to publish a 3D object layer whose elevation option is set to be on the ground or relative to the ground, you'll need to convert it to an absolute elevation height.

You should consider performing the conversion if you see that the following occurs:

  • Most of the layer's features sink partially or completely below the surface when not intended.
  • Most of the layer's features show prominent gaps above the surface when not intended.

Converting the feature layer's elevation height from relative or on the ground to an absolute height provides you with the same visual experience when working with the source feature layer and its equivalent service layer.

When a web scene layer, published with an absolute elevation height, is consumed in the web scene viewer or ArcGIS Pro, it will have the same height as the source layer it was published from.


  • Create a new multipatch feature class using the Layer 3D To Feature Class geoprocessing tool, located in the 3D Analyst Tools > Conversion toolbox.
  • Modify the layer's Elevation property to match the following options:
    • Features are At an absolute height.
    • Vertical Exaggeration is 1.0.
    • Cartographic offset is 0.00.

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