An overview of the Manage Data toolset

The Manage Data toolset contains tools used for the day-to-day management of geographic data.

This toolset uses distributed processing to complete analytics on your GeoAnalytics Server.


These tools are available when you have an active ArcGIS Enterprise portal that has a GeoAnalytics Server configured for Feature Analysis - GeoAnalytics Tools. To access and run the tools, you must have spatial analysis privileges. The tools will not work if your active portal is ArcGIS Online.

These tools can be accessed from either the Analysis ribbon or the Geoprocessing pane's Portal tab.

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Append Data

Appends features to an existing hosted feature layer.

Calculate Field

Creates a layer with calculated field values.

Clip Layer

Extracts input features from within specified polygons.

Copy To Data Store

Copies features from the input to a new feature service in your portal.

Dissolve Boundaries

Finds polygons that intersect or have the same field values and merges them to form a single polygon.

Merge Layers

Combines feature layers to create a single output layer.

Overlay Layers

Overlays the geometries from multiple layers into a single layer. Overlay can be used to combine, erase, modify, or update spatial features.

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