Reclass by individual values

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

Available with 3D Analyst license.

Reclassification tools change the values in a raster. The reclass by individual value tool changes one value to another in a one-to-one change. For example, while performing a deer habitat analysis, the values on a land use raster, each representing a different type of land use, need to be changed to a preference range—for example, 1 to 10—to make each land use type meaningful to deer. The types of land most preferred by deer are reclassed to higher values and those less preferred to lower values. For instance, the forest land use is reclassed to 10, the low-density residential land use to 5, and the industrial to 1.

The following example reclassifies the original values from the input base raster one at a time to new reclassified values. The output range of values is from 0 to 20.

Example of reclassification by single values
Example of reclassification by single values

Reclassifying individual values is usually done when the input values are categorical—for example, land use—or when changing only a few values.

Individual values can easily be reclassified through the Reclassify tool. The tool dialog box also allows for manual classification methods for the classification of the original data.

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