An overview of the Trace Network toolbox

The Trace Network toolbox contains tools to create, configure, and work with trace networks.


Add Network Attribute

Adds a network attribute to a trace network.

Convert Geometric Network To Trace Network

Converts a geometric network to a trace network.

Create Trace Network

Creates a trace network.

Disable Network Topology

Disables the network topology for an existing trace network.

Enable Network Topology

A network topology is necessary for analytic operations such as tracing and to use network diagrams. A network topology can also be enabled to discover error features.

Set Flow Direction

Sets the flow direction of line features in a version 1 trace network.

Set Network Attribute

Assigns a network attribute to a feature class to be used during trace operations.


Returns selected features in a trace network based on connectivity or traversability from the specified starting points.

Validate Network Topology

Validates the network topology of a trace network. Validation of the network topology is necessary after edits have been made to network attributes or the geometry of features in the network.

Tools in the Trace Network toolbox


Trace Configuration

The Trace Configuration toolset in the Trace Network toolbox contains tools to create and work with named trace configurations in a trace network.

Toolsets in the Trace Network toolbox

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