Reclassify shadow pixels using Pixel Editor

Available with Image Analyst license.

If your classified raster has any incorrectly classified pixels, you can assign these pixels to the correct class using Pixel Editor. The Reclassify drop-down arrow has several tools to reclassify your pixel, object, or region.

This workflow will follow these four steps:

  1. Start a Pixel Editor session.
  2. Set yours classes.
  3. Select the region to reclassify.
  4. Save your edits.

Start a Pixel Editor session

Pixel Editor can only edit one layer at a time per map view. The contextual layer used to start the Pixel Editor session is the only layer that can be edited in that map view. To edit another layer in the map, you must first close Pixel Editor, select the other layer in the Contents pane, and reopen Pixel Editor to operate on that layer.

  1. In the Contents pane, highlight the thematic raster dataset layer that you want to edit.

    Pixel Editor can only edit raster dataset sources.

  2. Click the Imagery tab.
  3. Click the Pixel Editor button Start Pixel Editor.

You are now able to edit your thematic raster dataset using Pixel Editor.

Reassign your classes

Now that a Pixel Editor session has been started, you can reclassify your thematic data.

  1. Zoom into the area where you want to edit your classes.
  2. On the Edit group, use the Current Class drop-down arrow to choose the pixels class you want to reclassify. Since we want to reclassify the incorrect shadows that show up as low albedo pixels, choose that class.
  3. Use the New Class drop-down arrow to choose the new replacement class. In this case, we want to reclassify the pixels as deciduous trees.

Select the region to reclassify

Now that you have selected the class you want to edit, you can specify which pixels to reclassify.

  1. Click the Reclassify drop-down arrow to choose which tool to use to select the pixels. Choose the Reclassify Object tool Reclassify Object to edit the entire object at once.
  2. On the map display, click the dark pixels, hold down the mouse button, and slowly create a circle to encompass the entire shadow. When you release the mouse button, all the dark pixels are reclassified as deciduous trees.

    Reclass object

  3. Continue to reclassify your shadows in the raster. If needed, change your Current Class and New Class choices.

    Reclassification completed

Save your edits

To commit your edits back to the data source, you must save them.

  1. In the Save group, click the Save button Save.

    To save your edits without affecting the source data, save to a new file. In the Save group, click the Save As button Save As, and specify a location and file name for the new file.

  2. Click Close Pixel Editor Close in the Close group when you finish editing the raster dataset.

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