Redact a sensitive area

Available with Image Analyst license.

If there is an area on your multispectral or panchromatic imagery that is confidential and needs to be redacted, Pixel Editor can achieve this in two ways. The first method is one in which you create a region and then you perform an operation on the region, as described in Pixelate a confidential region. The second method is to use the tools on the Pixel Editor tab to directly redact your data. In this workflow, we will use the interactive Redact button Interactive Redact on the Pixel Editor tab to obscure a confidential area.

Start a Pixel Editor session

Pixel Editor can only edit one layer at a time per map view. The contextual layer used to start the Pixel Editor session is the only layer that can be edited in that map view. To edit another layer in the map, you must first close Pixel Editor, select the other layer in the Contents pane, and reopen Pixel Editor to operate on that layer.

  1. In the Contents pane, select the multispectral raster dataset layer to edit.

    Pixel Editor can only edit raster dataset sources.

  2. Click the Imagery tab.
  3. Click the Pixel Editor button Start Pixel Editor.

You can now edit your multispectral raster dataset using Pixel Editor.

Redact an area

When you need to obscure an area, the Redact tool Interactive Redact on the Pixel Editor tab can quickly perform the task on a polygon region.

  1. Zoom in to the area where you want to redact a region.
  2. On the Pixel Editor tab, click the Redact tool Interactive Redact.
  3. Use the polygon tool to draw the region you want to black out.

Save your edits

To commit your edits back to the data source, you must save them.

  1. In the Save group, click the Save button Save.

    To save your edits without affecting the source data, save to a new file. In the Save group, click the Save As button Save As, and specify a location and file name for the new file.

  2. Click Close Pixel Editor Close in the Close group when you finish editing the raster dataset.

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