Create datasets in a database

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

While working with a database in ArcGIS Pro, you can create tables, feature classes, and database views from the database connection. To add a dataset, right-click the database connection in the Catalog pane and click New. Next, select the type of dataset you want to create from the context menu list. This opens the geoprocessing tool corresponding to the dataset type chosen. Enter the input parameters and run the geoprocessing tool to create the dataset within the database.

  • To create a table or view, the connected user must have the required database permissions.
  • To create a feature class, the connected user must have database permissions required to create tables. In addition, the database must support and, if necessary, have been enabled to use a SQL spatial data type.


You cannot create tables, feature classes, or database views from a database connection to a cloud data warehouse.

Steps to create datasets

  1. Create a connection to your database.
  2. In the Catalog pane, right-click the database connection, point to New, and choose the specific type of dataset you want to create.

    This opens the geoprocessing tool corresponding to the dataset type chosen. See the table in the next section for the dataset types you can create in a database.

  3. Fill in the tool parameters and click Run to create the dataset.


After creating a table or feature class, use the fields view to add attribute fields to the new dataset. To allow others access to newly created tables, feature classes, or views, grant privileges using the Change Privileges geoprocessing tool.

Dataset types to create in a database


Feature class

A collection of features of the same type (such as wells, parcels, and streets) with a common set of attribute fields


Attribute tables used for many purposes


A read-only database view you define on tables in your database