Databases and ST_Geometry

ST_Geometry is a user-defined data type that allows you to store spatial data directly in a field in the table. The Esri ST_Geometry type can be used with ArcGIS clients, plus it provides SQL access to simple feature class geometry.

You can add the ST_Geometry type to an Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQLite database.

The Create Spatial Type geoprocessing tool adds the ST_Geometry data type, an sde user and storage space, and system tables, views, functions, triggers, and other metadata objects to PostgreSQL and Oracle to maintain ST_Geometry.

When you add the ST_Geometry type to an SQLite database, ST_Geometry system tables are added to the database to maintain ST_Geometry metadata. The ST_Geometry SQL functions are stored in libraries that are external to the database.

For information on how to use ST_Geometry functions in Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQLite, see the ST_Geometry SQL function reference PDF.