Connections to databases on a PostgreSQL hot standby server

If you have a PostgreSQL database cluster that is configured as a hot standby, you can connect to a standby database for read-only access to your geodatabase data. This allows you to move some of the query load off your primary database for such operations as accessing data through a map service.

Connect to a geodatabase in a standby PostgreSQL database just as you would connect to any other PostgreSQL database.

Be aware of the following behavior when connecting to and using a geodatabase in a standby PostgreSQL database:

  • When you (or a tool or process) select more than 100 features in ArcMap or more than 1,000 features in ArcGIS Pro or a feature service, ArcGIS creates a table in the geodatabase to cache information. ArcGIS cannot create this table in a read-only database; therefore, the selection will fail with the message DBMS table not found.
  • If you publish a feature service (a feature layer that references registered data) from a map that contains data from a read-only database, ArcGIS does not block you from enabling editing capabilities. ArcGIS also does not block you from changing a select-only feature service to an editable feature service. However, in either case, attempts to edit the feature service will fail.
  • If you connect from ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro to a database on a PostgreSQL hot standby server and a failover occurs that interrupts access to the database, you must manually reconnect to the database when access is restored. ArcGIS Server web services automatically resume the connection once the database is available.