Access the diagram layer properties

On the Diagram Properties tab, you can view information about a network diagram.

Access Diagram Properties for a network diagram


This workflow can be run on a network diagram layer that is from a utility network or trace network in a file or mobile geodatabase, a database connection to a utility network or trace network in an enterprise geodatabase, or a utility network or trace network service.

To access the Diagram Properties tab, complete the following steps:

  1. If the diagram is not already open, run the Find Diagrams tool Find Diagrams on the Network Diagram tab in the ribbon.

    The Find Diagrams tool can also be found on the Utility Network or Trace Network tab

  2. Find and open the diagram you want to work with.

    The network diagram opens in a diagram map.

  3. Activate the diagram map referencing the network diagram for which you want to access the properties.
  4. In the Contents pane, right-click the diagram layer and click Properties.

    The Layer Properties dialog box related to the diagram layer appears.

  5. Click the Diagram Properties tab.

    Diagram Properties tab example

Diagram Properties details

The following sections are included on the Diagram Properties tab: General, Diagram Statistics, and Diagram Last Update.


The General section includes information about the diagram creation, its template, and its state:

  • Diagram—The diagram name.
  • Created—Its creation date.
  • Creator—The diagram owner.
  • Tag—The diagram's tags. This information only displays for stored diagrams.
  • Diagram Template—The diagram template on which the diagram is based.
  • Access Rights—The access permissions set on the diagram.
  • Consistency—The consistency status of the diagram.

Diagram Statistics

The Diagram Statistics section displays statistics on the following diagram features:

  • Junctions—The number of junctions represented in the diagram
  • Edges—The number of edges represented in the diagram
  • Containers—The number of containers represented in the diagram
  • Aggregations—The number of aggregations in the diagram

Diagram Last Update

The Diagram Last Update section displays information about the last diagram update:

  • Updated—The date of the last diagram update
  • Updated By—The user who last updated the diagram

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