Copy a network diagram layout to another

The Copy Layout From Diagram command can be used to copy diagram layouts from one diagram to another. To use this command, the diagrams must be opened and must represent all or part of the same network features and network objects.

The command applies to the active diagram that is considered the destination diagram. The process only operates on diagram features that represent the same network elements in both the source and destination diagrams and copies the geometry of each diagram feature in the specified source diagram to the destination diagram.

When there are selected features in the active diagram, the command processes only the selected diagram features.

Requirements and prerequisites

The requirements and prerequisites to apply the Copy Layout From Diagram command are as follows:

  • This operation applies to a network diagram layer that is from either a utility network or trace network in a file or mobile geodatabase, or a network diagram service. When working with a utility network or trace network in an enterprise geodatabase, the input network diagram layer must be from a service.
  • Since this operation is transactional, edits must be saved before it is run.
  • Both the source and destination diagrams must be open.

Copy a diagram layout from one diagram to another

To copy the diagram layout from an open source diagram to an open destination diagram, complete the following steps:

  1. Activate the map referencing the diagram to which you want to apply the copy layout, that is, the destination diagram.
  2. To copy geometry for specific diagram features in the diagram, select the diagram features of interest.
  3. Click the desired source diagram map in the Copy Layout From Copy Diagram Layout From Another Diagram drop-down list.
    Copy Layout From drop-down list

The copy process starts. After the diagram map is refreshed, the geometry of the diagram features reflect those representing the same network features and network objects in the source diagram.

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