Identify connected diagram feature subsets

The Select Connected Diagram Features Select Connected Diagram Features command selects any diagram features that directly connect to the diagram features currently selected in the active diagram map. This means that it retrieves and selects either all diagram edges connected to any selected diagram junction or the two extremity junctions related to any selected diagram edge in the active diagram.

The connected diagram features that are retrieved are added to the current selection set. This allows you to isolate subsets of connected diagram features in dense areas when you apply the command several times.

This command can also be used in the following situations:

  • Check that the network features represented in your diagram are connected as you expect.
  • Precisely refine the set of selected diagram features to which you want to apply a diagram layout.
  • Isolate the set of diagram features that you want to manually edit.

The steps below describe how to use the Select Connected Diagram Features command:

  1. Click the diagram map tab to set this diagram as the active map.
  2. Select the diagram edge or diagram junction from which you want to retrieve the connected diagram features.
  3. On the Network Diagram tab, click Select Connected Diagram Features Select Connected Diagram Features.

    The diagram features connecting the selected diagram features are added to the current selection.