Supported BIM geometry

When reading BIM data as ArcGIS features, ArcGIS Pro makes a correlation between elements in a BIM file and generates ArcGIS features with analogous geometric types. Certain objects in a BIM file may have multiple geometric interpretations. Floors, walls, windows, and doors may all be represented as 3D architectural features in a BIM model, which can be understood as 3D multipatch features in ArcGIS. Those same BIM elements can also be understood as the boundaries in a building floor plan and can be interpreted in ArcGIS Pro as a source of 2.5D floor plan geometry at an elevation.

Supported BIM files

ArcGIS Pro supports Revit file versions 2018–2023. All files are first updated to the latest supported version in memory while loading. Updating your Revit files to the latest version can improve performance when loading Revit files.

ArcGIS Pro supports the building and infrastructure elements of the following IFC file formats:

  • IFC2X3
  • IFC4
  • IFC4X1
  • IFC4X2
  • IFC4X3
  • IFC4X3_RC1
  • IFC4X3_RC4

Attempting to use unsupported BIM file versions will result in the error message Unsupported BIM file.

Supported Revit geometry

Revit files (RVT) contain objects that are classified according to a distinct list of object groupings called categories. These Revit category names are used by ArcGIS Pro as the feature class names. These categories are grouped into construction disciplines. These construction disciplines are used by ArcGIS Pro as dataset groupings for the resultant BIM file workspace. A BIM file workspace dataset named Floorplan is included for additional feature classes derived from the BIM file content, which is useful for indoor mapping. The following is a list of the supported feature classes of the BIM file workspace and their dataset organization, possible feature content, and geometric type:

  • Architecture
    • Casework (shelving, cabinets, countertops): multipatch
    • Ceiling (ceilings): multipatch
    • Column (architectural and structural columns): multipatch
    • CurtainWallMullions (frames between glass panels, windows, doors): multipatch
    • CurtainWalls (glass wall panels, wood wall panels): multipatch
    • Doors (doors): multipatch
    • Entourage (people, cars, plants): multipatch
    • ExteriorShell (geometry depicting the exterior of the structure from various categories depending on structure type and contents): multipatch
    • Floors (floors): multipatch
    • Furniture (furniture): multipatch
    • FurnitureSystems (groups of furniture): multipatch
    • GenericModel (miscellaneous or non-categorized elements): multipatch
    • LocationPoints (survey point, project point): point
    • Mass (conceptual shapes, massing volumes): multipatch
    • Parking (parking surfaces): multipatch
    • Planting (trees, bushes, shrubs, grass): multipatch
    • PlumbingFixtures (toilet, sink, drinking fountain): multipatch
    • Ramps (ramps): multipatch
    • Roofs (roofs): multipatch
    • Rooms (rooms): multipatch, polygon
    • Site (planter, dumpster, scaffolding): multipatch
    • SpecialtyEquipment (bike rack, solar panels, machinery): multipatch
    • Stairs (stairs): multipatch
    • StairRailing (stair rails): multipatch
    • Topography (site terrain): multipatch
    • Walls (walls, IFC bridge abutments): multipatch
    • Windows (windows): multipatch
  • Structural
    • StructuralColumns (structural columns, piers): multipatch
    • StructuralFoundations (concrete slabs, foundations, IFC bridge foundations): multipatch
    • StructuralFraming (structural framing): multipatch
  • Electrical
    • CableTray (cable trays, rigid ladder, channel): multipatch
    • CableTrayFitting (cable tray fittings, elbows, tees, wyes, crosses, unions): multipatch
    • CommDevices (communication devices): multipatch
    • Conduit (conduit): multipatch
    • ConduitFittings (conduit fittings): multipatch
    • DataDevices (data devices, WiFi): multipatch
    • ElectricalEquipment (lighting, appliance panel board, ethernet switch): multipatch
    • ElectricalFixtures (ground fault circuit interrupt, emergency switch): multipatch
    • FireAlarmDevices (fire alarm devices): multipatch
    • LightingDevices (lighting controllers, dimmers): multipatch
    • LightingFixtures (lighting fixtures, lamps): multipatch
    • NurseCallDevices (nurse call devices): multipatch
    • SecurityDevices (security devices): multipatch
    • TelephoneDevices (telephone devices): multipatch
  • Floorplan
    • Floorplan_Polygon (2.5D rooms, floors): polygon
    • Floorplan_Polyline (2.5D walls, door swings, windows, curtain walls, stairs, ramps, shaft and elevator): polyline
    • Footprint (2.5D dissolved union of all floors and positioned at ground elevation): polygon
    • PointsOfInterest (2.5D furniture, furniture systems, specialty equipment, mechanical equipment, fire alarm devices, security devices, nurse call devices, communication devices, electrical equipment): point
  • Mechanical
    • AirTerminal (exhaust grill, return diffuser): multipatch
    • DuctAccessories (balancing damper, fire damper, filter cartridge): multipatch
    • DuctFitting (duct fittings): multipatch
    • Ducts (ducts): multipatch
    • FlexDucts (flexible ducts): multipatch
    • MechanicalEquipment (chillers, boilers, AWWA pumps): multipatch
  • Piping
    • FlexPipe (flexible pipes): multipatch
    • PipeAccessory (3-way valve, butterfly valve, gate valve): multipatch
    • PipeFittings (pipe fittings): multipatch
    • Pipes (pipes): multipatch
    • Sprinkler (sprinkler): multipatch
  • Infrastructure
    • Abutments (RVT: bridge termination foundations): multipatch
    • Beams (RVT: structural bridge beams, girders): multipatch
    • Bearings (RVT/ IFC: bridge bearings): multipatch
    • Courses (IFC: roadway/railway courses, corridors): multipatch
    • Decks (RVT: bridge deck surfaces): multipatch
    • Framing (RVT: various structural bridge elements: multipatch)
    • Kerbs (IFC: roadway kerbs, curbs): multipatch
    • Pavement (IFC: roadway pavement): multipatch
    • Piers (RVT: bridge supporting columns): multipatch
    • Rails (IFC: railway rails): multipatch
    • Signals (IFC: railway signals): multipatch
    • Tendons (RVT: bridge tension members, cables): multipatch
    • TrackElements (IFC: railway track): multipatch

Supported IFC geometry

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files contain objects that are classified according to a distinct list of element groupings. These IFC elements are assigned to feature class category names established for a BIM file workspace based on their building function and organized further by construction discipline. Resultant feature classes are created primarily according to the IfcClassName property and when needed are further distinguished by the IfcTypeEnum property, and then by functional construction discipline. The construction disciplines are used by ArcGIS Pro as dataset groupings within a BIM file workspace. When practical, feature classes derived from IFC files will use the analogous feature class name of similar RVT data. IFC and Revit may include unique feature class content not found in the other data format.

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