Delete a connectivity association

There are two ways to connect features in a utility network: geometric coincident based connectivity or connectivity associations.

Connectivity associations allow you to model the connectivity between two features that are not coincident. They can also be used to create connectivity between spatial features and nonspatial junction and edge objects. Connectivity associations use network rules to ensure data quality by restricting the types of features that can be associated.

To remove a connectivity association, the Modify Associations pane is used.

The following steps outline how to use the Modify Associations pane to modify or remove a connectivity association between two features:

  1. Ensure that a utility network is available in an active map view and click the Utility Network tab.

    The Utility Network tab is activated.

  2. In the Association group, click Modify Modify.

    The Modify Associations pane is activated.

  3. In the Modify Associations pane, select one of the features you want to remove from a connectivity association.
    1. Click the Add features tool and click one of the features on the map to populate the Active Item in the pane.

      For junction or edge objects, use the Load selected tool to populate the Active Item in the Modify Associations pane with selected rows from the attribute table.

      When the Active Item is populated, the Connectivity, Containment, and Attachment tabs are displayed with an indicator that communicates the number of associations the active item has for each type.

    2. Select the Connectivity tab to view the connectivity associations for the feature.
    3. If the feature has terminals, select a terminal from the Terminal drop-down menu to set the active terminal.

      Connections to the active terminal are displayed in black. Connectivity to other terminals on the feature are indicated by a lighter shade of gray.

  4. Click the delete button Delete next to the feature you want to remove the connectivity association from under either the Junction - Junction, Junction - Edge, or Junction - Edge Midspan sections.

    Once you've clicked the delete button Delete, the feature is represented in the pane with a strikethrough effect and a green indicator to specify that it will be deleted.

  5. Click Apply to commit changes.

The specified connectivity associations for the feature selected in step 3 have been removed. Validate the network topology to reflect the change.

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