Delete a containment association

Containment allows a dense collection of features to be represented by a single feature on the map. This improves visibility on the map for viewing and editing to promote clean, readable maps. For example, a containment association may include valves, meters, and regulators inside of a regulator station in a gas network.

The Modify Associations pane allows you to modify or delete the association between a container and its content. To view content not visible on a map, use the Display Content command.

Follow these steps to modify or delete a containment association between features:

  1. Click the Utility Network tab.
  2. In the Association group, click Modify Modify.

    The Modify Associations pane is activated.

  3. In the Modify Associations pane, select one of the features you want to remove from the containment association.
    1. Click the Add features tool Edit Vertex and click the feature on the map that participates in a containment association to populate the Active Item parameter in the pane.

      Once you've added a feature, it appears in the Modify Associations pane. If there are existing containment associations with other features, they are also displayed.

      For junction or edge objects, use the Load selected tool to populate the Active Item parameter in the Modify Associations pane with the selected row from the attribute table.

      When the Active Item is populated, the Connectivity, Containment, and Attachment tabs are displayed with an indicator that communicates the number of associations the active item has for each type.

    2. Click the Containment tab.
  4. Click the delete button Delete next to the feature you want to remove from the containment association under either the Contains or Contained In section of the pane. The section you choose will depend on whether the active item is a container or content feature.

    Once you've clicked the delete button Delete, the feature is represented in the pane with a strikethrough effect and a green indicator to signify that it will be deleted.

  5. Click Apply.

The containment association has been removed between the selected features. Validate the network topology to reflect the change.

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