Export network associations

You can export a collection of associations from a utility network into a CSV file using the Export Associations tool.

With this tool, you can export one type of association to a single CSV file (for example, only containment) or several types of associations (for example, containment, connectivity, and structural attachments).

See Associations for more information on each type of association.


To export a network association, the following requirement must be met:

  • When working with an enterprise geodatabase, the Input Utility Network parameter must be from a database connection established as the database utility network owner.


To export network associations, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Analysis tab, in the Geoprocessing group, click Tools Tools to open the Geoprocessing pane.
  2. In the Geoprocessing pane, search for and select Export Associations.
  3. For the Input Utility Network parameter, enter the utility network from which to export associations.
  4. From the Association Type drop-down parameter, choose the type of association to export:
    • All
    • Junction-junction connectivity
    • Containment
    • Attachment
    • Junction-edge connectivity (from side of edge)
    • Junction-edge connectivity (midspan)
    • Junction-edge connectivity (to side of edge)
  5. In the Output File parameter, specify a location and name for the .csv file to be generated.
  6. Click Run to execute the tool.

The selected types of association have been exported to the specified .csv file. Refer to the Export Associations tool help to understand the format of the output CSV file.

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