Event behavior for route reassignment

Available with Location Referencing license.

During route reassignment, events are impacted in the edit section and upstream and downstream of the reassignment, depending on the configured event behavior for the event layer.


For any LRS route edit in which Recalibrate route downstream is chosen, the configured calibrate event behavior is applied to downstream sections. You can review configured event behaviors by viewing LRS event properties.


Events are not updated until the Apply Event Behaviors tool is run after route edits. If you are using conflict prevention on branch versioned data, you are prompted to run Apply Event Behaviors before posting to the default version.

There are three methods for route reassignment as of ArcGIS Pro 3.2:

  • Merge to adjacent route—Either a portion of a route or the entire route can be reassigned and merged with the adjacent route.
  • Form a new route— A new route is created either by merging source routes if multiple routes are selected in the source or by splitting the source route if a portion of a route is selected in the source. A route can also be renamed by selecting an entire route and providing a new route name or ID.
  • Transfer to another line—Routes are transferred to a new line if a new line name is provided, or routes are transferred to an adjacent line if an existing line name is provided.

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