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Returns a list of the languages in which you can generate directions for the routes you create during network analysis. The list of available languages depends on which directions language packs you have installed on your machine.


The choice of available languages depends on the ArcGIS language packs you have installed. To support more languages in your directions, install more language packs.


ListDirectionsLanguages ({network_dataset_path})
ParameterExplanationData Type

A variable that references the catalog path of the network dataset. The catalog path of a network dataset can be obtained from the dataSource property of a network dataset layer or a network analysis layer object. It can also be obtained from the catalogPath property of a network dataset describe object.

The parameter also accepts a network dataset layer object.

Return Value
Data TypeExplanation

The output list of available directions languages contains two- or five-character strings representing the languages installed on your machine. It will be a subset of the following languages:

  • arArabic
  • deGerman
  • enEnglish
  • esSpanish
  • frFrench
  • itItalian
  • jaJapanese
  • pt-BRBrazilian Portuguese
  • ruRussian
  • trTurkish
  • zh-CNSimplified Chinese

Code sample

ListDirectionsLanguages example

Reads the available languages and stores them in a variable.

# Create a list of directions languages available with your ArcGIS installation
languages =

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