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Notes for ArcGIS Trial users

An ArcGIS Trial gives you temporary use of an ArcGIS Online organization, ArcGIS Pro, several ArcGIS Pro extension products, and other ArcGIS apps. Your ArcGIS Online organization can have up to five members. Two of these members can have the Creator user type, which can be assigned ArcGIS Pro licenses.

The ArcGIS Pro licenses are Named User licenses and the ArcGIS Pro license level is Advanced. In general, the help topics describing Named User licensing in ArcGIS Online are applicable to an ArcGIS Trial.

For a step-by-step tutorial that covers all aspects of setting up an organization with an ArcGIS Trial, see Set Up an ArcGIS Organization on the Learn ArcGIS site.

Set up your organization

The first step in using the ArcGIS Trial is to set up your ArcGIS Online organization.

Download ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS apps

As soon as your organization is set up, you are prompted to make a map or download ArcGIS Pro and other applications. If you choose to download the software now, you can configure the settings of your organization and add members later. If you choose to download the software later, follow the steps below to access the software download page.

  1. If necessary, sign in to your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. At the top of the web page, click your user name and click Trial Downloads.
  3. Under ArcGIS Pro and Extensions, choose your language and click Download ArcGIS Pro to download ArcGIS Pro and its extensions.
    ArcGIS Pro Download button
  4. Run the downloaded .exe file and follow the prompts to install ArcGIS Pro on your computer.

    Other members of your organization can download ArcGIS Pro in the same way.


    When you set up your ArcGIS organization, you will receive an email from Esri Customer Service with similar instructions for accessing the software download page.

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