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Release notes for ArcGIS Pro 2.2

Learn about the bugs fixed at this release and limitations that still exist in the software.

Issues addressed

The list of issues addressed describes bugs that were reported to Esri Technical Support and are fixed in the latest versions of ArcGIS Pro. Issues found through Esri's internal testing are also addressed at each release but not listed below.

Issues addressed at ArcGIS Pro 2.2.4

ArcGIS Pro 2.2.4 fixes the issues listed below and includes the fixes listed under 2.2.0, 2.2.1, 2.2.2 (even though 2.2.2 is no longer available for download), and 2.2.3.



The Select Layer By Attribute geoprocessing tool is running extra queries when the input layer is a subtype layer, resulting in poor performance on large classes.


Viewing the attribute table of a subtype layer from a utility network fails with the error message Failed to retrieve a page of rows when the feature service is added as Preset and the Definition Query is defined.

Issues addressed at ArcGIS Pro 2.2.3

ArcGIS Pro 2.2.3 fixes the issues listed below and includes the fixes listed under 2.2.0, 2.2.1, and 2.2.2, even though 2.2.2 is no longer available for download.



The following message is returned when a user with Create Session privilege is attempting to make a connection from ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap to an Oracle database: Failed to connect. ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended.


Fix SQL Server shapes' shell rotation, even when converting while shape validation is off.


Tabbing through a field value in the Attributes pane when multiple features are highlighted incorrectly sets all the values to Null.


This issue removes the code used to address BUG-000116429, which was released with ArcGIS Pro 2.2.2 and later identified as the cause of the problem described here.


ArcGIS Pro crashes in certain scenarios when installed in a location that contains non-ASCII characters.

Issues addressed at ArcGIS Pro 2.2.2


ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Patch 2 is no longer available. Esri strongly recommends you discontinue use of this patch because of an issue with editing feature attributes introduced by the fix for BUG-000116429. Subsequent releases, starting with ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Patch 3, supersede Patch 2.

For more information, see the the Esri Technical Support announcement.



Connecting to PostgreSQL Geodatabase crashes ArcCatalog.


In ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET, the Map.ChangeVersion() method does not work correctly with group layers or feature service layers.


Map services published from ArcMap to ArcGIS Server fail to be overwritten using ArcGIS Pro.


NVA queries with a WHERE clause containing a dot (.) and without a spatial column do not complete.


Unable to create domains for all field types except the Text field in ArcGIS Pro Czech locale.


Transformation is not applied to a georeferenced raster on deleting the second control point while georeferencing the raster in ArcGIS Pro.


A reconcile and post fails for a specific version.


Incorrect distance constraint is applied when editing 3D geometry.


Reclass by Table tool provides incorrect output for raster integer inputs.


Spatial query: One of the features found using the spatial filter is returned twice with PostgreSQL geodatabase.


A tool is not licensed error is returned when starting the Create Integrated Mesh Scene Layer Package tool in ArcGIS Pro with a Basic license level.


Resolved memory leak reported in nonversioned archive edits.


The Generate Customer Derived Trade Areas tool creates polygons with artifacts when customer distribution is not around a store.


When using local custom data collection, the Color Coded Layer tool can crash the application. 


The Enrich Layer geoprocessing tool fails on layers with customized spatial reference. 


The Enrich Layer tool cannot be canceled.


The application crashes when a layer file or map document that contains an ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop layer is imported.


Support for Teigha libraries needs to be upgraded.


Analyzing representations should only detect overrides that are used in the symbols in the selected representation. 


At high tolerances or when barriers are present, some features are not smoothed as expected with Smooth Line. 


Vector tiles do not draw when reprojected to a custom projected coordinate system. 


ArcGIS Pro can crash when showing a filtered Undo command menu in the QAT.


Attribute pane reports selected route event features incorrectly. 


Utility Network: Unable to perform batch update of attribute values to NULL.


Due to a severe issue related to the fix for BUG-000116429, Esri has logged BUG-000117154, which reverts the fix for this issue in ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Patch 3.


Specific URLs cause the application to crash when added from path.


Changing ranks causes topology rules to be lost.


After the Geodatabase is accepting connection check box has been disabled, it cannot be enabled.


Fix memory leak for Forest-based Classification and Regression tool. 


Performance issue when converting large GeoJSON files.


Applying a tint to polygons with picture fill symbols in the 3D layers group does not work.


Lighting shadow property changes do not take effect in isometric view mode. 


Ground surface stops drawing when using the Locate tool.


MapServer query crashes when input spatial reference is unknown.


An HTML string is displayed when the value should be a space.


The application does not properly close a pop-up resulting in a crash. 


Route layers generated from the Directions pane in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise Map Viewer cannot be added to ArcGIS Pro.


The Unique Values renderer does not work with Cloud Raster Format files.


Unable to add control points in a second georeferencing session.


When adding multidimensional rasters to a mosaic dataset, the composite band template does not add multiple files correctly.


Raster function UI does not show the Create Web Layer option if a portal is signed into after opening the function once.


Using the Raster Item Explorer to add multiple items to a map adds the first item multiple times. 


Creating an orthomapping workspace using the ImageStation Automatic Triangulation (ISAT) and Applanix raster types produces incorrect results when using the Average Z from DEM option.


Checking the Unresolved check box causes fiducial points to disappear in the Refine Interior Orientation pane.


Generating a DSM or DEM using orthomapping will fail if the output path is long.


Cannot create an orthomapping workspace from AeroVironment Quantix imagery.


If image chips are used as a reference, Compute GCPs (ground control points) will not produce a result.


Mosaic dataset properties do not refresh after running geoprocessing tools on a mosaic dataset layer.


When ncols and nrows parameters are set to 0, the RasterToNumPyArray function causes incorrect analysis results.


Saving a 2-bit raster to a file geodatabase failed.


The attribute table of a netCDF feature layer is empty when created by FeatureToNetCDF with a string field as "Fields to Variables".


MakeNetCDFFeatureLayer has a memory leak.


MakeNetCDFTableView has a memory leak.


NetCDF raster layer does not update when time or range slider moves. 


String field is not a valid field type for Euclidean Allocation. OID field is supported.


Euclidean Direction should use the value 360, not 0, to represent north.


The Create Integrated Mesh Scene Layer tool fails when using OSGB data containing both textured and untextured tiles.


Geometry functions using the input feature directly can fail.


After the Update Subnetwork geoprocessing tool is executed, the display cache is not refreshing correctly to reflect the change on the layers.


Diagram will fail to show an association when both the from and to sides of the association have terminals.


Opening a diagram will incorrectly log errors in the server log despite a successful operation.

Issues addressed at ArcGIS Pro 2.2.1

ArcGIS Pro 2.2.1 fixes the issues listed below. No new functionality is included with this patch.



Switching versions crashes ArcGIS Pro when the user has a dot (.) in the name.


In ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET, the Map.ChangeVersion() method does not work correctly with group layers or feature service layers.


The Multipatch Texture tool changes orientation and position of a model in a global scene when the selection of the multipatch is changed.


Unable to create domains for all field types except the Text field in ArcGIS Pro Czech localization.


Python initialization will break the path variable if the Data Interoperability extension is installed for ArcGIS Pro 2.2.


Forest-based classification and regression incorrectly extract values in the categorical explanatory field when it has different names in the training and prediction dataset.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when changing the method or the class number in the TIN layer's symbology pane.


Packages are missing from the Project tab.


In the file geodatabase, some SQL LIKE queries produce incorrect results.


Error 999999 occurs with feature class input to the Create Scene Layer Package tool.


CCL fails when using custom data.


Calculate Geometry fails with certain types of enterprise geodatabases, SDE, and database versions (plus (+) versioned classes).


GeoJSON to Features crashes ArcGIS Pro at GPCoreFunctions!Bucket_JSON2F::UnionProperties (gpesrijsontofeaturesfunction.cpp @ 1029).


Null name of layer in this map causes a graphics crash.


Sentinel-2 data cannot be used as a raster product.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when you right-click a color tile in the Contents pane for the color map renderer.


Improves the performance processing the results from geoprocessing network services.


Image Classification: The TrainISOCluster tool fails when training on Landsat 8 Level 1 data.


The Multispectral Landsat Layer from Living Atlas does not display with the default rendering rule.


Changing the template to calculate an anomaly on the GLDAS snow pack service crashes ArcGIS Pro.


Clicking Click to add a new row in a raster attribute table and then selecting that empty row or another row can lead to ArcGIS Pro crashing.


The Edit Options parameter is broken in the Edit Raster Function geoprocessing tool.


Certain images with pyramids don't appear correctly in ArcGIS Pro.


The stream layer fails to connect when the hosted server's security certificate is not valid or verified.

Issues addressed at ArcGIS Pro 2.2.0

ArcGIS Pro 2.2 includes new functionality and fixes for the bugs listed below.



Adding a field to a feature class in an enterprise geodatabase as a nonowner fails with Table Not Found instead of Not Table Owner. (Similarly, when using a nongeodatabase, it fails incorrectly with an underlying DBMS error.)


A blank map is drawn when a web map containing a higher DPI WebTiledLayer is opened.


Selecting a bookmark from an imported map causes the map to lose the rotation and revert to 0.


The documentation does not include information on how to add, remove, or modify fields, or how to edit data from the attribute table. It only describes the new functionality in the Fields view.


The screen capture of DB2 is different from that of other DBMSs.


When security for virtual directories is enabled at the server administrator endpoint, storing credentials with a secured service in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS prevents a map with the service from being downloaded in Collector for ArcGIS.


Resize text symbols to fit in the thumbnail.


ArcGIS Pro does not allow the user to add multiple sessions at once by checking them and clicking Add. Sessions to be deleted must be added individually.


Allow for manual input of the Attribute Parameter Values in the Ready To Use Find Routes tool in ArcGIS Pro.


The string on the Change Versions dialog box is hard-coded with localized packs for ArcGIS Pro.


Extract LAS: The parameter name for remove_vlr should remove the caps in the documented name (remove_VLR).


There is a hard-coded string in NDVI Colorized with localized ArcGIS Pro.


[UX] Compressed file geodatabase tables and feature classes should be identified as "Compressed" in the Project pane and on the Map tab > Add Data dialog box.


Displaying data with TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE columns in ArcGIS 10.4 for Desktop results in the following error: ORA-01866: the datetime class is invalid.


[i18n] An untranslated string appears in the Reclassify tool.


Correct the web help for ArcGIS Pro Data Management toolbox licensing that states to use the Upgrade Geodatabase tool to upgrade personal geodatabases. Personal geodatabases are not supported in ArcGIS Pro.


Using an expression with an extra closing (right) parenthesis when calculating raster functions causes ArcGIS Pro 1.2 to crash instead of displaying the same error that occurs when an extra opening (left) parenthesis is added.


More labels appear in versions 10.4 and later than in versions 10.3.1 and earlier, despite using the same conflict-detection settings in the Maplex Label Engine.


ArcMap crashes when using the Version Changes button on the Versioning toolbar with a stand-alone table.


Feature classes cannot be created in a database when using the ArcGIS Desktop Basic license level.


A 3D group layer reverts to a 2D group layer after an ArcGIS Pro project is saved, closed, and reopened.


Right angle tool distance constraint—A vertex is not always placed in the expected direction.


Unable to change the group headings for a raster in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.1.


Bookmarks created on a rotated data frame in ArcGIS Pro do not zoom to the specified extent.


ArcMap 10.3.1 and later reset defined scale and precision values in the newly created shapefiles to zero for float and double fields.


In the Create Vector Tile Package tool documentation, the CURRENT keyword in CreateVectorTilePackage example 1 is not a valid input map.


Copy should be enabled in the context menu for SDE items in the Databases container.


Creating vector tiles using 'Map' as the input with layers at multiple scales results in inconsistent labeling.


The context menu option to view the Stereo table and other tables is missing in the mosaic layer of a stereo model in ArcGIS Pro.


ME—Allow reposition of the push/pull handle when pressing Tab.


WFS-T Inserts indicates success, but no point is added.


Extra space exists in the Extent unit of the Layer Property dialog box.


Documentation for the support of the GRIB 2 raster format should be changed to show that multiband is not supported.


Multiple-line text in a String field is not symbolized when using the Unique Values renderer.


ERROR 001854 occurs when creating a vector tile package with a custom tiling scheme using the Create Vector Tile Package tool.


ArcGIS Pro 1.4 GP UI—Search not found with Japanese ArcGIS Pro.


Identify raster with Dynamic Range Adjustment (DRA) or Custom Statistics in Stretch is very slow in ArcGIS Pro.


Colors are incorrect when exporting a map or layout to PDF containing a layer with attribute-driven symbology that varies by color.


Colors are reversed in the legend patch in a layout for a layer with attribute-driven symbology that varies by color.


Unable to add an image as an attachment in ArcMap. Error: Edit operation failed.


The width of line symbology is not respected if a PDF is created from a scene layout with 800 dpi or higher.


ME—Some imported textured models lose their textures when editing existing features and saving the edits.


Unable to configure a dynamic map series to display attachments from a hosted feature service in a layout in ArcGIS Pro.


ArcGIS Pro 1.4.1 does not recognize duplicate geocode services in an ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS organization.


If a map in ArcGIS Pro contains a feature class and a stand-alone table from two geodatabases, sharing the selected feature class as a web layer erroneously returns the following message: Error 00062: Map contains data that does not use the same connection to an enterprise geodatabase.


When creating a multipatch from the Realistic Trees or Thematic Trees preset option, the Layer 3D To Feature Class tool returns the following error: ERROR 050129: The input feature layer cannot be converted into a multipatch.


A scene renderer between ArcScene and ArcGIS Pro produces different colors.


When editing in ArcGIS Pro with snapping turned on, a vertex (polyline) does not snap to lidar points from the .las file in a scene. With snapping off, the polyline snaps to the lidar surface.


The list of client software in the geodatabase compatibility matrix help topic should mention ArcGIS Desktop applications, including ArcCatalog, ArcScene, and so forth, instead of only ArcMap.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when a project is exported to PDF with the Map Series setting, exported using page numbers, and set to a field that has values containing the slash mark (/).


Sync fails on PostgreSQL for PG_Geometry (postgis) in certain scenarios.


The symbology does not transfer if the feature class from the Map Notes template is set as the Feature template in the Create Feature Class tool.


A feature class with hidden fields published to ArcGIS Server 10.5 with Web Feature Service (WFS) capability shows incorrect field values in the attribute table when added to ArcMap with a WFS server connection.


Unable to rename a file geodatabase feature class alias in ArcGIS Pro with a Japanese language pack.


The description of the parameter MAX Mosaic operator of the Make Mosaic Layer tool is incorrect in the web help as well as in the pop-up information of the tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.0.


Error: Failed to Add Data is encountered when adding a table with no NOT NULL columns in ArcGIS Pro 2.0.


The ST_Difference geometry function produces different results based on the order of input geometry.


Attempting to add an address locator created in ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 to an ArcGIS Pro project results in an error every time the project is opened.


Error: Transfer data (XML stream) has missing data is returned when performing a parcel remainder and other operations.


Create Scene Layer Package generates an incorrect scene layer that doesn't have all points in the input point layer.


Data in the numeric column in the PostgreSQL database does not appear correctly when adding a nongeodatabase table in ArcMap.


When adding a join to an enterprise feature class in ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1 and 2.0, unable to edit vertices after join with an enterprise table.


When registering a materialized view with the enterprise geodatabase, the materialized view can't be refreshed using SDO_Geometry.


Child windows, such as browse dialog boxes, opened from an autohide dockpane do not prevent the dockpane from hiding. Is it possible to change this behavior or provide an option to do that?


ArcGIS Pro documentation gives no explanation of Add Selected To Relationship versus Add New to Relationship.


The legend appears incorrectly when removing last break classes and returns the following error: UpdateSymbolizer failed!


ArcGIS Pro takes a long time when calling arcpy.FeatureSet() if the feature is large in size.


The Group button is cut off on Share As Web Scene with a screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels.


Manage data stores has been changed.


Data created in ArcGIS Pro does not display in ArcGIS Desktop and does not preview in ArcCatalog or draw in ArcMap.


Add 3D graphics for Locate results.


The Symbology pane disappears after clicking OK on the Color Editor dialog box in ArcGIS Pro.


The Points to Line tool fails on input datasets without an Object ID field.


ArcGIS Pro crashes while running the Mosaic To New Raster tool if the Mosaic Operator method is selected as first and the input raster has a color map file.


Cannot import the Statistics and Histogram function from the XML file and raster layer in ArcGIS Pro.


Hard-coded strings construct polygons.


Tables: The Text field ToolTip shows the wrong ToolTip.


The Create Scene Layer Package tool in ArcGIS Pro ModelBuilder does not accept prerun model outputs as an input.


The Zonal Statistics tool returns incorrect data.


SSURGO raster does not draw with classified symbology when it has a join.


If different users publish map image layers with the same name in the same folder, they will receive an error message.


Field aliases are not maintained when modified from design view in ArcGIS Pro.


ToolTip text for Insert: Legend and Table Frame have an alignment issue (extra indentation in second paragraph).


Poor performance when opening the attribute table of parcel fabric layers.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when applying nondefault color scheme gradient fills to polygons in a layout.


The statistics for rasters are shown incorrectly as having values of 0 in the Symbology pane in ArcGIS Pro if the symbology is set to Classify.


ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro are unable to establish a connection to the ArcGIS Online portal if WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service is disabled.


The Swipe tool is not available for group layers in ArcGIS Pro.


The output of the Create Random Points tool has an incorrect extent when it's set to contain z-values.


Tags containing spaces are converted to comma-separated single words when publishing a map image layer.


Custom thumbnails are not honored when sharing a map.


There is truncation on the Label class pane.


The Read-Only field does not maintain hidden visibility in the PDF Model Tree when there are other fields set to Visible.


Buttons on the ribbon do not have descriptions.


A graph copied as an image from SPSS and pasted into ArcGIS Pro is flipped upside down and reversed.


Network Analyst service area analysis fails in ArcGIS Pro when direction is set toward the facilities and time of day is enabled.


ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1 crashes without warning when attempting to clip features with bad geometry using the Clip tool.


Setting an output coordinate system variable in a model with grid index features crashes ArcGIS Pro.


WMS Services using JavaScript Functions in the XSL style file for an HTML pop-up causes script errors when identified in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.


When previewing the materialized view created in PostgreSQL in ArcMap or ArcCatalog, the error message DBMS view does not exist is returned.


WFS displays a 0 instead of null value for field attributes when queried through a browser.


Expression Builder in the Symbology pane shows an Invalid Expression for Split (/) operation. It works when the unique values are added, but the feature class will not display in the map.


Clarify how a multipatch's location is replaced in the Replace Multipatch in the ArcGIS Pro documentation.


Setting CreateGeocodeSDDraft parameter loc_path to locator path produces a ValueError error.


The brackets of the DEFAULT version name display abnormally on the List By Data Source tab of the Contents pane in certain languages.


Cannot modify a raster width using the Raster.SetWidth() method in ArcGIS Pro SDK.


Unable to use comma (,) decimal when using the Absolute X,Y,Z tool in ArcGIS Pro.


In ArcGIS Pro 2.1, the period in the notification should not be hard-coded.


Autoscrolling should be improved when dragging items from the bottom to the top of the Layout Contents pane.


When the width of the ArcGIS Pro window is reduced, some of the ribbon tool icons disappear.


A group name with multiple underscores does not show the first underscore in the Share As Web Layer tool window in ArcGIS Pro 2.0.


Provide the ability to deactivate the Save User/Password option in ArcGIS Pro .sde connection files.


Using a semicolon as the join delimiter results in an empty output field.


ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1 in Deutsche language crashes when opening any locator properties.


Publishing the XY Event layer from ArcGIS Pro fails with an error.


Unable to change the legend's font style in Layout View.


The Russian localized string "NAz" is truncated on the Direction dialog box.


If two attribute tables are opened in ArcGIS Pro, closing either attribute table disables the ribbon tools.


The Polygon Volume tool does not create the correct output fields until the active project is closed and reopened.


The positioning of layout elements should extend to 4 decimal places.


The Key Metadata function fails to run a JSON Metadata String in ArcGIS Pro, even with a valid input.


Disperse Markers fails to alter the input layer if z-values are enabled.


There is no mention of layer locks in Layouts in ArcGIS Pro documentation.


Cannot classify data in ArcGIS Pro using more classes than the data range.


ArcGIS Pro ArcGISIndexingServer.exe generates thousands of *_gdal.sqlite files in the %TEMP% directory.


The definition query on a field with the same name as that of the feature class returns an error in the resultant Mobile Map Package (.mmpk).


The Classification method is blank after setting Data Exclusion in the raster Symbology pane.


Data Exclusion in the raster Symbology pane doesn't exclude all desired values when leading with a negative number.


Point size and angles should not be hard-coded.


Remove the symbology for the All Other Values option in the ArcGIS Pro Unique Symbology pane.


Fix performance and durability issues with the Printing Service.


The Aggregate Polygons tool doesn't handle polygons with multiple parts.


Geopackages in the NSG (National System for Geospatial Intelligence) GeoPackage Profile standard 2.1 do not display properly in ArcGIS Desktop.


When sharing a web tool from ArcGIS Pro to Portal for ArcGIS, the Staging failed error message appears.


Unable to overwrite a web layer in ArcGIS Online from ArcGIS Pro if the name contains spaces.


Feature service or image service paths are removed when saving and closing a model with geoprocessing tools.


The ArcGIS Pro web tool documentation implies that web tools can only be published to the most recent version of ArcGIS Enterprise.


ST_Intersects returns an incorrect output after using ST_Transform to transform from one coordinate system to another.


Ignore the SRID difference between datasets when the CSIDs are the same for scenarios in which certain spatial operators are being used.


Aviation geoprocessing tools have the license lock icon even though the licenses were configured in ArcGIS Online.


Connect to Oracle from ArcGIS documentation instructs users to look for sdedc_.log files, even though they're not written to the %TEMP% directory by default.


Sharing a web layer to ArcGIS Online from ArcGIS Pro fails when the layer's name starts with an underscore (_) followed by a number.


Compress behavior for PostgreSQL database using ArcGIS client 10.2.2 is inconsistent when installed in different operating systems.


Attribute Dynamic Text in Map Series does not honor numeric format of attribute fields.


Origin and Destination GlobalID values are incorrect in Utility Network Point and Line Error attribute tables.


The Trace parameter drop-down list should display labels.


The ArcGIS Pro 2.1 geoprocessing user interface is not translated.


ArcGIS Pro SDK Community Sample, ConfigWithStartWizard, throws a System.Aggregate exception when the Blank project template is selected.


In the Table to Excel tool, an error message appears when a group layer is added as an input table in ArcGIS Pro.


Update the browse dialog box filter to be able to select utility networks from the active portal.


Maplex exclusion zone is a barrier to linked street labels.


Encountered Failed to save route data error message while working with Share As Route Layers tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.


The output pixel type for the Sentinel-1 Radiometric Calibration properties raster function defaults to 16-bit unsigned when it should be 32-bit float.


The coordinate of a topographic north arrow changes to unknown when using a custom projection.


Preserve SQLite is not working in ArcGIS Pro 2.1 Consolidate Project.


Mosaic dataset layers do not refresh after definition queries are removed.


Generate Elevation Bands returns the Tool is not licensed error message when using a Production Mapping license.


The Unzip MGCP Cell And Import script tool does not return ERROR 000824: The tool is not licensed when Defense Mapping is not authorized.


Exporting XY event layer crashes ArcGIS Pro when the layer is generated from a table with fields joined from another table in a different geodatabase.


The What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.1 topic incorrectly states that integration of scientific multidimensional data into the mosaic dataset was added at 2.1.


Writing a decimal number in some raster functions (Math: logical “Greater Than, Less Than”) can’t be done in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.1.


The labels offset property is not honored in a published vector tile layer in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.


Applying the 3D cyan/red glasses stereoscopic mode disables pop-ups in ArcGIS Pro.


A feature class with hundreds of Domains and Subtypes has low performance with other tools.


Retitled map image layers cannot be overwritten.


When running the Polygon Volume tool in ArcGIS Pro with the option to draw input polygons, the tool runs without error. Attempting to open the output features, however, returns a Failed to load data error message.


A mosaic dataset can only have data added once per session.


Cannot display or view the attribute information of features from SAP HANA using ArcGIS Desktop.


The county field fails to populate using US Address - Single House Sub Address style.


ArcGIS Desktop 2.1.1 Enrich Layer (Business Analyst tool) fails with a 999999 error message when the input feature is a polygon feature class from a SQL Server enterprise database.


Standardize Address standardizes the addresses incorrectly and inconsistently when the US Address - Single House Subaddress style is used and not all the records have a subaddress.


Spatial Analysis tools should work with data in well-known text (WKT)-only spatial references.


Unblock split operation on utility network features.


Failed to activate a newly created Python environment in ArcGIS Pro.


An invalid geometry is not detected when using ST_GEOMETRY (or any other ST function) to create a polygon from well-known text (WKT) that contains invalid and valid polygons. ST_ASTEXT returns EMPTY upon this polygon as well.


[OSuk] Strategies not being used to avoid overlapping high weighted features.


Incorrect information mentioned in the What’s new in ArcGIS Pro 2.1 documentation concerning new functionality to drag files into a geoprocessing tool input parameter.


The ToolTip of the Default Path parameter of the Add Terminal Configuration geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Pro displays duplicate information.


Graphic items added in layout view disappear, and changes are not allowed after closing and reopening ArcGIS Pro.


[OSi] Polygon holes are incorrectly rasterized.


Unexpected behavior of the Move tool when attempting to snap line endpoints in a local scene.


The quality of the DSM product generated from satellite images using the Ortho Mapping workspace-based workflow is poor in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.


Unable to add boot information file (.bif) data, even though the file extension is available in the ArcGIS Pro options.


Unable to connect with ArcGIS Desktop clients after configuring PostgreSQL for SSL.


The legend does not update correctly when switching the Map Frame source map.


ArcGIS Pro 2.1.1 does not export all records for the specific dataset.


The Add New Source drop-down option in geoprocessing tools does not size correctly with long field names.


The Arcade expression to format date does not return the correct year results.


ERROR 000358: Invalid expression when applying an Arcade date function to a date field through attribute rules.


Cannot select multiple locks in the database connection properties > Show connected users and locks dialog box in ArcGIS Pro.


Sharing as a web map fails with the error message External Sharing Process failed when pop-ups have all fields turned off.


Incorrect letter in grid on layout using French ArcGIS Pro on a French operating system.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when searching for an address from locate search using Esri World Geocoding service.


Realign Route validation fails if a centerline is selected before opening the tool.


When switching between sensors, band names may change.


The documentation does not clearly state that both the ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Image Server licensing roles are required to publish a mosaic dataset as a map service.


PostgreSQL database requirements are not clear on major and minor versions supported.


Unable to format and add multiple values from the Add Values pane.


The Select by attribute clause in ArcGIS Pro is not honored when using words that begin with a capital letter.


ArcGIS Pro with a Basic license crashes when using the Construct Polygons tool.


A very small movement of an element is not applied if the page unit is inches.


When exporting large ArcGIS Pro layouts containing heat map symbology to image formats such as JPG and PNG with high resolution, the symbology may appear cut off in the output or display incorrectly.


ADS files are not visible when added in Stereomap in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when clicking the File button on the Layers tab in the Format Point Symbol pane.


The Burn Area Index (BAI) function in ArcGIS Pro produces invalid results.


On a system running a Chinese version of Windows 10, scene layer packages fail to load in ArcGIS Pro if a field in a feature class contains certain Chinese characters.


Creating an Ortho Mapping Workspace fails if using imagery from a DJI drone with an FC6310 camera, as it reads the altitude as negative.


In ArcGIS Desktop 10.6, trying to connect to an Oracle database that is part of an LDAP group fails.


A geocode service from a server connection added from the Locate pane is unavailable and displays the A locator with this name does not exist error message.


Unable to create a file geodatabase on the dialog box using the Japanese version of ArcGIS Pro.


A layout created using the Reshape Polygon map frame extent does not follow X gap and Y gap in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2.


A route in a derived line network goes the wrong direction if the line is composed of two routes digitized in different directions.


Does not perform geographic transformation for an unknown geographic coordinate system.


ArcGIS Pro fails when using the Version Changes dialog box if making more than 100 edits (inserts, updates, or both) in a versioned environment.


Elements in an ArcGIS Pro layout no longer appear in the Contents pane and cannot be edited.


The Rotate tool in Modify Features does not work for multipoint features in ArcGIS Pro.


Solve Vehicle Routing Problem crashes ArcGIS Pro if the assignment rule on a route is set to Exclude.


The geocode service returns an incorrect location when using abbreviated address names.


The World Geocoding Service Suggest functionality is missing results that the findAddressCandidates functionality is able to find.


Generate Routes: A line with two routes that start in the same location but move in opposite directions results in an improperly calibrated derived network route.


Derive Event Measures GP Tool: Derived event columns are being set to null and measures to 0 for time slices outside the selected time range.


Generate Routes: Duplicate records generated in the derived network when executing the tool multiple times.


Create LRS Network From Existing: If m units cannot be derived, provide a helpful error message stating what the m units need to be.


The Identify Routes tool does not work when zoomed in beyond 1:300 scale.


Add parameters to the legend resource in REST to change the image symbol size and dpi returned by a legend request.


Provide a method for setting the vertical exaggeration for multiple surfaces, rather than requiring the vertical exaggeration be set for each surface individually.


The date filter does not work with the Web Feature Service (WFS) GetFeature capability.

Known issues

This section lists known limitations by functional area of ArcGIS Pro. Software developers are working to fix these issues in future versions of the software.


  • Drone2Map authorization does not update the FEATURE ACT entry in service.txt. The update is necessary because the signature for each feature in a certificate license file is encrypted to that binding value. Any change to the binding value causes the signature check to break. In this case, the authorization wizard updates the binding value "ANY" to the Mac Address but does not update the feature causing it to become invalid. ArcGIS Pro checks for this feature when attempting to consume ArcGIS Pro concurrent use licenses from the License Manager. It determines the feature is invalid and backs out. You will encounter the following:
    • If switching to the Concurrent Use Licensing option from another licensing option, the Error switching license manager! error appears.
    • If ArcGIS Pro was previously configured to use the Concurrent Pro licenses from the License Manager, it will start but it will not allow you to select an extension.


  • When sharing a web layer with a pop-up that is configured to include an image sourced from an attachment, the image is dropped from the web layer.
  • When using the ArcPy mapping method CreateWebLayerSDDraft, metadata and folder options are not honored. To specify an existing folder, use the new sharing module instead.
  • Overriding a service name in the Upload Service Definition geoprocessing tool only modifies the service item's title. It does not modify the service name.
  • The staging_version parameter is only available through the Python API for StageService. This parameter is required when staging a feature, tile, or imagery layer for ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • Labels are not maintained when sharing or overwriting a web feature layer to ArcGIS Online using Python.
  • Referencing registered data in a Teradata database can fail or result in an empty service. Copy the registered data instead of referencing it.
  • Registered data stores that have different database connections for the publisher's machine and the server cannot be referenced when sharing to Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1 and earlier.
  • Feature layers that reference registered data cannot have sync or export capabilities enabled when sharing to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 or earlier.
  • When sharing a web elevation layer with a mosaic dataset as an elevation source to Portal for ArcGIS 10.4 or 10.4.1, you cannot modify the minimum level of detail. This ensures caching doesn't occur past the minimum visibility.
  • The WGS84 Geographic Coordinate System Version 2 tiling scheme should only be used with data in the WGS84 spatial reference when caching a web elevation layer on the server.
  • When connected to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5using basic authentication, the portal must have the enableRemoteTokenUserValidation property enabled to switch between users.

Mapping and visualization


  • Measure does not work with maps that do not have a coordinate system.
  • You cannot specify a selection symbol per layer. If you import a map with a selection symbol set for a layer, the main color is extracted from the symbol and set as the selection color for that layer.
  • The view extent can change slightly when zooming to a bookmark, or exporting an image or layout, from a scene in isometric view mode.
  • Stream layers continue to draw even when the map or scene is paused.
  • After running the Define Projection tool, the map may require a datum transformation. This is not set automatically.
  • A pop-up can identify multiple results when you drag a box using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl. The pop-up will not return results, however, if your layer has its selectability turned off or the layer does not contain the OBJECTID field. Single click still works to identify results regardless of the selectability settings. To check whether a layer is set to be selectable, click the List By Selection view for the Contents pane to see if it's checked on or not.

Coordinate systems

  • The ArcGIS Coordinate Systems Data setup installs files that are required for some horizontal and geographic transformations and all file-based vertical transformations. In ArcGIS Pro 2.0, the setup had two options (per-machine and per-user), which were installed in different locations for each option. Starting with the ArcGIS Pro 2.1 release, the options are split into two separate setup packages. When you install the ArcGIS Coordinate Systems Data setup, you are not warned to remove a previously installed setup. This is okay, the setup does not need to be removed. If you're using the per-machine setup, it can be used for ArcMap or Server for Windows. If you previously installed the per-user setup, you will be warned to uninstall it before installing the latest version for ArcGIS Pro.

Symbols and symbology

  • Rendering may vary unexpectedly for the same symbol drawn in 2D and 3D contexts. See Unsupported symbol drawing for more information.
  • Custom geometric effects are stripped from symbols when they're converted from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. There is no indication that this has occurred, and symbol geometry logic may be disrupted.
  • In 3D layers, the Randomness symbol property marker symbol layers in a polygon symbol cannot be connected to a data attribute.
  • Heat map symbology for point feature layers in a scene is drawn using real-world units. If you switch to a different symbology method, new symbols also draw in real-world units, possibly rendering them so small that they are difficult to see. To change this setting, right-click the layer in the Contents pane and click Properties. On the Layer Properties dialog box, click the Display tab and uncheck Display 3D symbols in real-world units.
  • The color scheme applied to a layer symbolized as a heat map may appear differently when the map is shared to ArcGIS Online.
  • Dot density dot placement in polygons where the mask coincides with the polygon boundary may show dots at the coincident boundary.
  • Values less than 1 are excluded from the legend in the Contents pane and in a layout for layers drawn with relative-sized proportional symbology when a maximum size is specified.
  • If using the flag or pushpin symbols from the ArcGIS 3D style in a 2D map, the symbols draw offset from their true geometries. You can adjust the anchor point values of the symbol properties to resolve this issue.

Vector tiles

  • When a map layer has more than one label class, only the first label class appears in vector tiles generated from the map.


  • When you publish an annotation layer to a feature service, the visibility range from the annotation sublayers in ArcGIS Pro is not maintained. However, the visibility range from the annotation feature class annotation classes is maintained. The resulting annotation displays differently between ArcGIS Pro and the feature service when the annotation sublayer overrides the annotation class visibility ranges.

Interactive 3D analysis

  • The interactive analysis tools do not work in isometric view mode.
  • The Interactive Viewshed tool may draw red analysis bands on the visible (green) vertical faces of features, such as building multipatches and extruded polygons, when the viewshed direction is tilted up or down away from horizontal. To avoid this issue, widen the viewshed's vertical field-of-view angle, rather than rotating the view direction.
  • You cannot create a slice plane from a feature in a feature layer that is not selectable. To make a layer selectable, click on the "List by Selection" tab in the table of contents and check on the option for the layer.
  • You cannot create a slice plane from a feature in a scene layer.


  • Overlay elements cannot exceed 4000x4000 pixels. The map view and the preview window can draw overlays at different sizes. If an overlay exceeds 4,000 pixels, it will not be drawn.
  • It is recommended that you do not modify layers or map properties during the animation export process to avoid the risk of incorrect export or application hang.
  • Animation overlays do not move with the keyframe when it is copy and pasted between animations in the same project.


  • Time is not supported across linked views.


  • The application may crash when group layers containing KML data are reordered in the Contents pane.
  • A crash can occur when a network link refreshes a time-enabled KML source file.
  • Time-enabled KML in 3D does not work as expected when animated with the ArcGIS Pro time slider.
  • Remote styles are not honored in some cases.
  • Inline style elements on ground overlays are not honored.
  • Tessellated lines in 3D may draw coarsely.
  • The KML camera is not honored if it is at or below the ground surface.
  • Rotated ground overlays are not supported.
  • Some KML screen overlays are not supported.
  • Some ground overlay image formats are not supported.
  • KML scale and orientation properties are not honored on 3D model marker symbol layers.
  • KML data written with dates that represent years before '0100' is not supported.
  • KML data with incorrect XML date formats is not supported. For example, years must be represented by four digits.


Dynamic text in tables does not work when tables are using a Relate.

Manage data and geodatabases


  • Editing tools in the Modify Features pane do not update COGO attributes for COGO-enabled line features.
  • Optional project settings to enable or disable follow feature mode for linked annotation are not available with this release.

Data Reviewer

  • Reviewer batch jobs
    • Batch jobs added from a UNC path are copied into project packages when shared using the Share as a Project Package tool with the Share Outside of Organization option unchecked.
  • Reviewer rules
    • Reviewer rules are not persisted when layers are shared using the Sharing as a Layer Package tool.
  • Reviewer results
    • The Add Session context menu command is not disabled when there is an invalid Reviewer workspace connection.
    • Reviewer sessions added from a versioned geodatabase become invalid when the version is changed to the project's Database connection.
    • Column sorting in the Reviewer Results pane is not supported for keyboard accessibility.
    • The Update Results pane does not support undo or redo of edits.
    • A metadata result's corresponding data source is not automatically displayed in the Catalog view metadata panel when opened from the Reviewer Results pane.
  • Geoprocessing tools
    • The Write to Reviewer Table geoprocessing tool fails to run as a stand-alone script in Python or the command line if the parameter value for the Origin Table Name, Review Status, Subtype, Notes, Severity, or Check Title parameter is a string data type.
    • The Enable Data Reviewer geoprocessing tool's Register as Versioned parameter does not support versioning of the Reviewer tables when creating or upgrading Reviewer workspaces for PostgreSQL. To manually register the Reviewer tables as versioned, right-click each of the following tables in the Catalog pane and click Manage > Register as Versioned:
  • The Flag Missing Features tool does not support undo or redo of result creation.


  • Some items support metadata, but their metadata can't be accessed in ArcGIS Pro. For example, groups in the active portal have a description that isn't displayed in the project view. These items show the same message as other items that can't have metadata, such as tables in SQLite databases and Excel worksheets.
  • When editing metadata in the metadata view, the validation error messages displayed at the top of a page don't remain visible as you edit the item's metadata; they move out of view as you scroll down to the bottom of the page. Also, you can't click the validation error messages to get to the area of the page where there is a problem to fix.

Utility network

  • Utility networks created with ArcGIS Pro 2.2 will fail to publish to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 portals. ArcGIS Pro 2.2 can be used to publish utility networks created using ArcGIS Pro 2.1 to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 portals. Existing utility networks should not be upgraded to ArcGIS Pro 2.2, unless sharing to an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 portal.
  • Associations cannot be created when accessing a utility network that is not upgraded to match the ArcGIS Pro 2.2 client. Review the general section of the Network Properties tab for the utility network layer properties to see if the Utility Network Release is 2. If not, upgrade the utility network to match the ArcGIS Pro release.
  • Adding the seventh tier fails for hierarchical domain networks due to the creation of a duplicate index name.
  • Using the Add Rule tool fails for rule types of containment or structural attachment when using a To Asset Type of ALL.
  • A connected trace with a barrier condition using the 'Is subnetwork controller' network attribute will not correctly stop a trace depending on the initial entry point of the feature with terminals.
  • When the workspace is set to a historical moment, you will not be able to perform any edits because data from historical moments are read-only. The editing tools are blocked when in a historical moment, but some geoprocessing tools that modify the utility network, such as validate topology, update subnetworks, modify subnetwork controllers and modify terminal paths, are not blocked but should be.
  • Split operations against network features may result in the Asset type values being altered. This can occur if the attribute domain assigned to the Asset type field has a split policy of default (use the default value for the field or subtype). Attribute domains assigned to the Asset type field should always have a duplicate split policy. There is currently no logic to block attribute domains that have a default split policy from being assigned to the Asset type field.
  • When importing attribute rules, the utility network does not currently validate and verify the Arcade expression that is being imported for correctness.
  • The function synthesizeAssociationGeometries is not 3D aware. A 3D envelope can be defined outside the z-axis range of geometries, yet return those geometries despite the difference in z-values. The synthesizeAssociationGeometries function does not support containment and maximum counts greater than 1,000.
  • When performing a propagation trace, barrier features are not returned despite specifying the option to return barriers. This causes incorrect results while updating subnetworks, especially with boundary devices.
  • Adding a tier will fail if any of the utility network feature classes contain data. Most commonly, tiers are added when no data is present, but some workflows might have data present while adding a tier.
  • Sometimes validating network topology will result in the process timing out. The error message will read, "Validate Network Topology - Edit operation failed. The server took too long to answer. The client has timed out. (status code 28)." Although the client has timed out, the process will continue to run on the server for up to 10 minutes.
  • In some workflows, it might be possible to end up with a version that is locked for every user, even the version owner. This workflow generally follows the pattern of creating a new version in a map, making some edits, and saving those edits. Next, a new project and map is opened to the same version created in the previous session. You may encounter a locked version.
  • When validating the network topology in ArcGIS Pro using the command on the Data tab, the client may time out if the validation takes more then 60 seconds. This occurs when executed using the command from the Utility Network Data tab on the ribbon.
  • Some functional issues and limitations arise if multiple utility networks are added to a map. Tools such as Trace Locations and Modify Associations cannot operate on the second utility network in a map.
  • The addition of a utility network layer to a map with another utility network layer with the same version is not blocked.
  • Appending data into a utility network (with the network topology enabled or disabled) should be detecting features that are added outside the extent of the utility network and fail.
  • When you attempt to remove a subtype on a utility network feature class which is required for the utility network, an error number of '999999' is given.
  • The utility network will allow you to create multiple asset group names with the same value for a feature class. This should be blocked, but isn't.
  • When you run Export Subnetworks, the Subnetworks table should be refreshed.
  • Deleting an asset type that has a rule assigned to it causes the Export Rules tool to fail with a '999999' error instead of a more informative error.
  • Importing an XML workspace fails against an XML workspace from a utility network created with the Export XML Workspace tool.
  • When you run the Validate Topology tool, the table view for errors doesn't refresh.
  • It's not yet possible to publish a trace as a geoprocessing service.
  • Some uncommon workflows can result in the utility network resulting in a state of mixed versions. The utility network layer may point to the default version while the utility network feature classes may point to a named version.
  • The execution of the Create Utility Network tool checks for the privilege Publish server-based layers but not the additional permission of Create, update, and delete. Also, this tool does not check for the portal to be an ArcGIS Enterprise portal and should not allow execution if the active portal is ArcGIS Online. Also, this tool does not check if the federated server is at version 10.6.
  • When you change a version, the trace locations are not cleared.
  • A trace error is not returned if a subnetwork trace discovers both a source and sink in a subnetwork.

Analysis and geoprocessing

Cartography toolbox

The Smooth Polygon geoprocessing tool respects the Cartographic Partitions environment setting, but you cannot set this environment setting from the tool itself. There are two options to work around this. Either set the environment setting at the application level before you run the tool, or run the tool in Python.

Network Analyst

  • Network datasets cannot be created from scratch using ArcGIS Pro. However, if you have an existing network dataset template, use the Create Network Dataset From Template geoprocessing tool to create a network dataset with the schema contained in the input template file. The newly created network dataset will need to be built using the Build Network geoprocessing tool.
  • arcpy.da.Describe does not return all properties for network datasets or network analysis layers. Use arcpy.Describe instead.


Workflow Manager

  • When a .mapx file is opened from a portal, the sign in page for the portal appears even if the .mapx file is public.
  • When a .pagx file is opened from a portal and two or more maps associated with the .pagx file are opened and edited, an AOI edit restriction message appears.
  • When you update the data workspace login, the login is not applied immediately. You must restart ArcGIS Pro for your updated credentials to take effect.

ArcGIS acknowledgements

The acknowledgements for ArcGIS can be found on Esri's legal website or in the files installed with ArcGIS Pro at <install location>\ArcGIS\Pro\Resources\SupportDocs.