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Set up an ArcGIS Online organization

Before you can authorize ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses, you must activate your ArcGIS Online subscription—or your ArcGIS Trial—and set up your ArcGIS Online organization. These tasks should be completed by software license administrators, including administrators of ArcGIS Trial organizations.

Activate your subscription

To begin, click the activation link in the email you received from Esri Customer Service. Next, follow the steps in the ArcGIS Online help to activate your subscription. If you can’t find the email with the activation link, contact Customer Service for assistance.

The person who activates the subscription automatically becomes the administrator of the ArcGIS Online organization. If you do not intend to be the administrator, forward the email to the appropriate person.


If you have an ArcGIS Trial, you will be prompted to download ArcGIS Pro and other apps when you set up your organization. See Notes for ArcGIS Trial users for more information on downloading software to use with your trial.

Add members to your organization

After you set up your organization, you can invite and add members as described in the ArcGIS Online help.

You can assign ArcGIS Pro licenses and compatible user types when you add members, or you can do so later.

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