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Assign Classes

Assigning classes after unsupervised classification

After you have performed the unsupervised classification, you need to organize the results into meaningful class names based on your schema. On the top of this page, you have the schema and a table that allows you to assign classes at the bottom based on the schema.

To assign classes:

  1. Select a class from the schema (in the top portion of the page) that you want to assign on the map.
  2. Use the Assign tool to select the areas on the map that you want to assign to that class. As you are assigning classes, you will want to see the underlying imagery to verify that the New Class make sense. Press the L key to toggle the transparency of the classified image on and off . Inspect the table and you will see that it has updated the Old Class with the class that you have assigned it to. The class color will be updated to reflect the schema.
  3. Repeat step 2, until all of the defined classes have been assigned a class from the schema.

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