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ArcGIS Online network analysis services

ArcGIS Online network analysis services allow you to solve the same types of problems ArcGIS Network Analyst extension allows you to solve: route, closest facility, service area, location-allocation, origin-destination cost matrix, and the vehicle routing problem. With ArcGIS Online network analysis services, you can also view historical, live, and predicted traffic conditions without creating or purchasing a network dataset or an ArcGIS Network Analyst extension license. The services reference high-quality street data that is updated periodically.

To access these services, you need an ArcGIS organizational account with the network analysis privilege, and the application must be connected to ArcGIS Online. If you are licensing ArcGIS Pro through an ArcGIS Online account, you are probably signed in to the application already. These services consume credits when they are run.

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Ready-to-use services

ArcGIS Online network analysis services can be accessed from the following locations:

  • Click Analysis > Ready To Use Tools.

    The tools that use network analysis services are grouped under Network Analysis.

  • Click Analysis, click the Network Analysis drop-down menu, and change the network data source to

    Once you change the data source, the network tools available in the drop-down menu will use network analysis services from ArcGIS Online.

  • In the Geoprocessing pane, click Portal > Ready-To-Use Tools > Network Analysis.

    If you want to use these tools in your geoprocessing models, you can drag the available network analysis tools in ModelBuilder from the Geoprocessing pane.

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