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Add geocoded point to an existing feature class

If you want to add the record for an individual geocoding result to a feature class that contains geocoded features, you can do so using ArcGIS Pro.

    To add a single geocoded address result to a feature class, you must first have a feature class added to your map. You can add an existing point feature class, or you can geocode a table of addresses, which automatically adds the results to your map as a feature class.

  1. Make sure the feature class you want to add to is listed in your Contents pane. If you just geocoded a table of addresses, the resulting feature class should have been added automatically. If it's not currently added to your project, add it before continuing.
  2. Click the Locate button Locate on the Map tab to open the Locate pane.
  3. Type the address you want to geocode and add to your feature class into the search box in the Locate pane, and press Enter. The Locate pane populates with the results of your search.
  4. Click the Edit tab, and click the Create button Create Features to begin an editing session. This opens the Create Features pane.
  5. Click the feature class you want to add your point to in the Create Features pane, and make sure the Point tool Point is selected.
  6. Right-click the candidate in the Locate pane that you want to add to your feature class, and select Add To Feature Class from the drop-down menu. The point is added to your feature class.
  7. Click Save Save Edits on the Edit tab before closing the Create Features pane.


You can add as many single points as you would like to your feature class in this way.


Any locators you add to your project, including the default World Geocoding Service, are used to geocode single addresses in the Locate pane, and you can select a candidate from any of them.

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