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Identify addresses and places on the map

You can identify addresses and locations on the map using any of the locators added to your project from your active portal by using the What's here? functionality.

  1. Pan or zoom on the map to a location in which you want to identify an address or place, and right-click a location on the map. Choose What's here? from the context menu that appears.

    A pop-up appears that displays the information for the addresses, places, or intersections closest to the location that you right-clicked.

  2. If more than one result is returned, you can click the arrows at the bottom of the pop-up to browse the results.

    By default, all the locators added to your project will be used for identifying addresses and places on the map. Locators can be turned on or off for each map in the project on the Settings tab of the Locate pane.

To use any locators in addition to the World Geocoding Service or geocoding services from your portal connection, add them to your project.

To view the currently available locators in your project, browse to the Catalog pane. Opened by default, this pane shares space with the Locate pane, so you may need to select it using the tab at the bottom of the pane.

The Locators folder Locators contains a list of currently available locators. Click it to expand the contents.

With the What's here? functionality, you can identify addresses, places, and intersections on your map.

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