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Introduction to locator properties and options

When a locator is created, default parameters of the geocoding properties and options are saved in the locator. The geocoding properties and options control how the locator finds and filters the list of candidates, how it places the locations of matched addresses, the information that's contained in the geocoding output, and how geocoding performance is optimized. These geocoding properties can be set to meet specific use-case requirements.


To modify the locator's settings, the locator must be added to the project.

Learn more about adjusting the performance of your geocoding experience.

Learn more about adjusting the quality of your geocoding experience.

Access the locator properties

In the Locators folder in the Catalog pane, right-click the locator you want to modify and click Locator Properties to open the Locator Properties dialog box.


ArcGIS Pro only supports accessing and modifying locator properties for locators that are stored in a file location. Accessing or modifying locator properties for portal locators and server locators is not currently supported.

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