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Clip function

Clips a raster using a rectangular shape according to the extents defined or will clip a raster to the shape of an input polygon feature class. The shape defining the clip can clip the extent of the raster or clip out an area within the raster.

The inputs for this function are the following:

  • Input Raster
  • Type—either Outside or Inside
  • Clip Extents

The Clip Extents can be defined by a dataset. By default, it uses the envelope of the dataset; however, if there is a polygon feature within the dataset it will clip to the shape of the polygon. Alternatively, you can specify the x and y minimum and maximum coordinates.

If you choose the Outside clip type, then the imagery outside the extents will be removed. If you choose the Inside clip type, then the imagery within the extents will be removed.

Clip function example

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