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Raster function history

The raster functions that are executed locally and on portal are saved with your project history. The raster function History tab also provides the capability to filter, sort, and search through all raster functions that were executed in the project. You can view detailed information about each function that was executed and reopen the function with the same settings used. Furthermore, you can save any raster function or function chain that was executed by viewing the function properties and clicking Save As.

Access raster function history

Raster function History can be found on the Catalog pane's History tab, when you click the Raster Functions button Raster function history. There are multiple ways to access history for raster functions:

  • On the Imagery tab, click the History menu option which is located under the drop-down arrow for Raster Functions Raster Functions.
  • The Options menu Menu for the Raster Functions pane.
  • In the Notifications pane, which can be accessed by clicking on the Notification Status Notifications button, located in the top right-hand corner of the application. There is an option to Show Raster Functions history for each raster function in the pane.
  • When running a raster function on the portal, click on the pop-up notification which appears when a raster analytics job starts running or completes.

Use raster function history

All function history is stored within the project. If a new project is opened, the history from previous projects will not be present. By default, the raster function History pane will display history items in descending chronological order based on start time.

The default sorting order of executed functions can be changed using the SortSort button. Using the Sort drop-down arrow, history items can be sorted in descending or ascending order by Status, Name or, Start Time.

History items can be filtered using the FilterFilter drop-down arrow. History items can be filtered by Type(Local or Portal) and Status (In progress, Completed, Failed, Canceled, Timed out). If a filter is applied, the Filter button will highlighted in light blue.

History items can only be searched for by Name. Each history item will have an icon next to it indicating its status. The table below shows a list of status icons.

Submit job

A raster function or portal job is submitted, but processing has not commenced.


Completed local raster function.

Failed local function

Failed local raster function.

Running portal job

Running portal job.

Completed portal function

Completed portal job.

Completed with warning

Portal job completed with a warning.

Failed portal function

Failed portal job.

The list of options available in the (right-click) context menu of a history item will vary depending on its status. You can reopen the function with all parameters filled out and add the output to a map, only if it completes successfully. You can view details and cancel, only while it is running.

Details for individual items can be accessed by hovering over it. If you would like the details to remain visible after moving your mouse away from it you can use the Pop Out Pop out button. The details of a Raster Analytics job will vary depending on verbose reporting settings on the server.

Removing history items can be done using the Remove Remove history button. Multiple jobs can be removed at once in one of two ways.

  • Select multiple items while holding the Shift key then click the Remove button.
  • Apply a filter then select the Remove button. This option does not require that you select individual items. It will automatically remove all items visible after applying the filter.

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