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Edit a value in a table cell

To edit the value of a table cell in the attribute table, follow the steps below.

  1. Double-click any cell to start editing that value (or press the F2 key as a shortcut). The field name and row header turn green and the value becomes highlighted in the cell for editing.
  2. Edit the cell value. You can edit by typing a new value, right-clicking the highlighted value for clipboard options, or access other controls such as a calendar for dates, or a drop-down menu if the field contains domains.
  3. Press Enter to commit a value to a cell that is being edited. When you move between rows that have been edited, you are committing your edits to memory. You can undo and redo edits to the table, as the edits are not committed to the database.
  4. Click Save Save Edits in the Manage Edits group on the Edit tab. Your edits will be committed to the database.

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