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Network categories

A network category is a tag used to represent a characteristic of an asset in your network. created and assigned to network feature classes for specific asset group and asset type combinations.

Every utility network model includes a set of system-provided network categories that incorporate semantics within the utility network for subnetwork management and tracing operations. These system-provided network categories cannot be deleted from the utility network. Additional user-defined network categories (for example, protective) can be added to a utility network and assigned to network feature classes at the asset group and asset type level. There is no limit to the number of categories that can be set for a feature class for each asset group and asset type combination.

The following are the system-provided network categories:

  • Subnetwork controller—This network category is required to allow a device's terminal to be set as a subnetwork controller to define the origin of a subnetwork.
  • Subnetwork tap—This network category is used in tracing to model features that are tapped off a midspan vertex on a main line. Tapped features allow a network commodity to continue to flow through the device, without interruption, to the other side of the main line. Secondary features attached to the tap are influenced by the attribute substitution value defined for the tap.
  • Attribute substitution—This network category is assigned to attributes to indicate a substitution value for subnetwork tap features is to be used during a trace.

Although you cannot delete a system-provided network category, you can decide whether you want to use them on assets in your network. Subnetworks are a required piece of subnetwork management, and subnetwork controllers must be set in your network. Attribute substitution is advanced functionality, so it is optional to define features as subnetwork taps with attribute substitution.

User-defined categories are created using the Add Network Category geoprocessing tool. Use the Set Network Category tool to assign a user-defined or system-provided category to a feature class within an asset group and asset type level. All features belonging to that asset type will have the assigned network category.

Network categories are used by the Update Subnetwork, Export Subnetwork, and Trace tools. To learn more, see Subnetworks.