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Export subnetwork information

A subnetwork represents a topological subpart within a tier where all the connected features are defined by the same subnetwork controller or controllers. The maintenance of subnetwork information is optimized by having the ability to export subnetwork information to external systems for modeling and analysis.

Export subnetworks

The Export Subnetwork tool is used to export information about a subnetwork into a JSON file. That information can then be consumed by outside systems such as outage management and asset tracking programs.

The Export Subnetwork geoprocessing tool exports subnetwork information into a JSON file. Information in the JSON file can be used to build your own topology locally so you can perform your own analytics, or the information can be exchanged with external systems to help manage assets and operations.

Information about a subnetwork that is exported includes the connectivity and association information as well as information about the controllers that define the subnetwork.

Exporting a subnetwork can also be used to delete a subnetwork that is marked as deleted in the Subnetworks table by using the Set export acknowledged option.

See Export subnetworks for more information about exporting subnetworks.

The output JSON response syntax is as follows:

  "type" : "tabular",
  "subnetworkName" : <name>,
  "sourceMapping" : { "<sourceId1>" : <sourceName1>, 
                      "<sourceId2>" : <sourceName2>, . . .
  "rows" : [
      "viaSourceId" : <long>, 
      "viaGlobalId" : <guid>, 
      "viaSubtypeName" : <name>, 
      "viaGeometry" : <geometry>,
      "fromSourceId" : <long>, 
      "fromGlobalId" : <guid>, 
      "fromSubtypeName" : <name>, 
      "fromTerminalId" : <long>, 
      "fromGeometry" : <geometry>
      "toSourceId" : <long>, 
      "toGlobalId" : <guid>, 
      "toSubtypeName" : <name>, 
      "toTerminalId" : <long>, 
      "toGeometry" : <geometry>
  "controllers: [
      "networkSourceId" : <long>, 
      "globalId" : <guid>, 
      "terminalId" : <long>,
      "controllerName" : <name>

Export subnetwork controller information

Subnetwork controllers that define subnetworks can be exported using the Export Subnetwork Controllers geoprocessing tool. Information about each subnetwork controller is extracted to a CSV file from the subnetworks table. The subnetwork controllers can be imported back into another utility network as long as the specific device features exist that are referenced in the CSV file.

See Export subnetwork controllers for more information.