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Is connected attribute

Every line and point feature participating in the line, device, and junction feature classes has an Is connected attribute field. This attribute helps identify isolated features by maintaining information about the line's or point's connectivity to subnetwork controllers. When a feature is created, regardless of its connectivity to a source, the Is connected attribute is set to unknown. This attribute is modified for certain network features depending on the operation being performed.

Review the following sections to understand what operations make changes to the Is connected attribute for network features.

Modify a subnetwork controller

When a device feature is set or removed as a subnetwork controller using the Modify Subnetwork Controller pane, the Is connected attribute is modified. The value is set to true when setting a device feature as a subnetwork controller, and when removing as a subnetwork controller, the value is set to false. When the device has terminals, this occurs when the last terminal on the device is removed as a subnetwork controller. The Is connected attribute is modified when the changes to the subnetwork controller feature are applied in the Modify Subnetwork Controller pane.

Update Subnetwork tool

When a subnetwork is updated, the Is connected attribute is modified to true for features that are connected to a subnetwork controller based on the Tier or Subnetwork Name parameters specified in the Update Subnetwork geoprocessing tool. Because the Update Subnetwork tool only touches features in the subnetwork, the tool only updates the Is connected attribute from False or Unknown to True for those features it touches. This process will not identify isolated features in the network that have no connectivity to the subnetwork's controller or controllers. To identify isolated features, see the following section regarding the Update Is Connected tool.

Update Is Connected tool

The Update Is Connected geoprocessing tool modifies the Is connected attribute for all device, line, and junction features in the entire utility network.

Using the Update Is Connected tool, the following edits are made to the Is connected attribute for features in a utility network:

  • If a path exists from the feature to any subnetwork controller in the network, the Is connected attribute is set to true.
  • If a path doesn't exist—in other words, the point or line feature is disconnected from any subnetwork controller in the network—the Is connected attribute is set to false.

The date and timestamp for the Last Update Is Connected Time is listed in the Network Properties tab for the utility network in the General section.

See Identify isolated features for more information.